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Susan Bishop is a wealthy New York socialite and the estranged older sister of Kate Bishop.[4]


Susan Bishop was a wealthy socialite living in New York City. After the apparent death of her mother, Susan expressed displeasure with Eleanor "running all over the world trying to save it" and not being with her family more. She coped with the loss of her mother by constantly spending her father's money.[5]

Despite being her maid of honor, Kate frequently butted heads with Susan about her wedding to David.[5][1] The two sisters generally had a strained relationship.[3][5][4]

During Susan's lavish wedding at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, five unnamed gunmen took the wedding party and its guests hostage and robbed them. The Young Avengers were able to rescue everyone, but nearly failed and destroyed property in the process.[3]

Before moving to Los Angeles, Kate came out as a superhero to her sister. Unfortunately, Susan completely rejected her efforts to be a hero and effectively ended their relationship.[4]

When Derek Bishop disappeared, Susan had to take over the family business. Her work duties also put a strain on her marriage, leading to her and David breaking up.[4]

After being estranged for some time, Susan reached out to Kate using subterfuge to lure her to investigate the mysterious goings on at the Resort Chapiteau in The Hamptons.[4]


  • According to Kate, Susan hates everything that Kate does.[4]


  • Susan's wedding cost approxiately five hundred thousand dollars.[5]
  • Like her sister Kate, Susan doesn't call her stepmother "mom".[2]

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