Suzy Richards was the second child of Sue and Reed Richards.

The child's body had been possessed by a monster from the Negative Zone: a succubus who drained the life energy of others. It began while Suzy was still an unborn baby in her mother's womb. Over time, Sue's pregnancy took a horrible toll on her. She continually got weaker by the day and almost skeletal, eventually losing her invisibility powers. When she gave birth to her child, Sue died in the process. Unaware their child's dead body had been possessed, Reed named the baby Suzy in order to deal with the loss of his wife.

As the years went by, only Franklin realized what a monster his sister really was. He never allowed himself to be near his sister. When Sue was about three, Franklin noticed that their aunt Alicia Storm was being affected in the same way that Sue was. Alicia later died the same way that their mother did, but Reed stated it is due to cosmic radiation poisoning.

In grief and despair, Johnny blamed himself for Alicia's death. For the next year, he spent as much time with Suzy and was next to perish by having his life force drained away. Franklin tried to warn his father about Suzy's activities, even going as far as listing all of her classmates who have all died mysteriously. Reed dismissed his son's concerns and became uncharacteristically angry with his son's accusations and refused to see reason.

Suzy's next victim was Ben Grimm, who lost his powers but was happy about it. One night out on the town, he came across a mobster he once clobbered who wanted revenge. Ben got gunned down and ended up in the hospital. Even though it was possible that he could pull through, it was all for naught when Little Suzy visited him with glowing red eyes.

Finally, Franklin took a trip to Latveria and got an audience with Doctor Doom. Going over the evidence, the two decided that Suzy was a succubus of some sort. Doctor Doom had interest in this since with her growing power rate, she could one day be a threat to Latveria.

Susan's true form

When they return to Four Freedoms Plaza, Reed blocked their path, having gone completely mad under Suzy's influence. Doom, seeing that Reed was beyond reasoning, knocked him down, and Suzy finally revealed Franklin was right by assuming her true, monstrous form. Reed apologized to Franklin for not believing him before being devoured by his daughter. With Reed gone, Doctor Doom fought Suzy to buy Franklin time to get away. The fight didn't last all too long when Susan could absorb the energy running Doom's armor. Doom's life force was absorbed, and Suzy continued to hunt Franklin.

She found Franklin waiting with a large cannon. She laughed at how he expected to kill her with a mere gun, but it was only a ruse: He used the gun to blast her back into a portal to the Negative Zone that birthed her. Franklin then destroyed the portal so that she could never make it back.

Within moments, Suzy already found herself in a confrontation with Annihilus.[1]


She can drained life force of the people around her as well as other forms of energy and can transform into a green-demon monster.[1]

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