The past history of Sue Storm on Earth-1123 mirrors that of her Earth-772 counterpart. She would gain her invisibility powers on a rocket trip with her then love Reed Richards and be a premiere member of the Fantastic Four. Later the group would include Spider-Man, leading to their renaming to the Fantastic Five. Due to neglect on the rest of the team's part, Sue would leave to pursue a relationship with Namor and they would eventually be married.

In the convening years, they would discover a Celestial embryo growing in the core of their Earth and destroyed it; the circumstances regarding this discovery and the Celestial's subsequent destruction remain unrevealed. They would gain the ire of Brute, an evil counterpart of their worlds Reed Richards who originated from Earth-616's Counter-Earth, who seemingly slew Reed and took his place, and eventually became Presidents of the United States.

When X-51 from Earth-9997 would send his Heralds to other universes to warn them of the Celestials growing in the core of their worlds, he would send Wolverine of Earth-811 and Spider-Girl of Earth-1122 to Earth-1123 to warn that world. They would get into a clash with the Brute at the White House until they were rescued by Sue and her husband. Namor and Sue would explain to them what has transpired on their world and that they had eliminated the threat of the Celestial.


Seemingly those of Susan Storm of Earth-616.

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