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Susan von Doom was God Emperor Doom's wife during his rule of the patchwork planet Battleworld. They had two kids, Franklin and Valeria, and they ruled Battleworld with Sheriff Strange and the Foundation.[1]


The story of Susan Storm was seemingly close to her Earth-616 counterpart until the day when she and her father Dr. Franklin Storm, her brother Johnny Storm, and her friend Ben Grimm, went into space and crash-landed. This experience led to them becoming the Fantastic Four dedicated to protecting Earth.[2]

One day, their world seemingly experienced an incursion and the Fantastic Four were able to escape. They eventually landed in Battleworld in its early stages, where it was a frightening place full of darkness and constant war. During this time, Dr. Franklin Storm was killed by Apocalypse and the Fantastic Four were about to be killed, when Victor von Doom rescued them and helped Susan bury her father, which led to Victor and Susan falling in love, Johnny becoming the Sun, and Ben Grimm to become The Shield. Susan's current status remains unknown.[2]


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