Susan Storm was the leader of Hydra who devastated her Earth at the cost of world domination. She and her followers, including the Hand, fought and killed some of Earth's heroes, and most often brainwashed them as her followers. She was the ex-wife of Reed Richards, who opposed her and leading the forces of Free Earth, and the lover of her adjutant Wolverine. Empress Hydra encountered the Exiles and easily defeated them and brainwashed Blink, Spider-Man 2099, and Longshot.[1]

Following this, Empress Hydra learned of the Multiverse and desired to spread her domain across the infinite dimensions. She and her remaining followers teamed up with an alternate and war-like Lilandra Neramani of the Shi'ar in fighting against the Exiles a second time. She came into conflict with Cat of the Exiles and was killed by her when she ripped out an important artery within Hydra's body.[2]


Seemingly those of Sue Storm of Earth-616.


Fighting skills, swordswomanship, and genius intelligence



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