The past history of the Invisible Woman of Earth-21993 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until the point where Charles Xavier was going to be used as a weapon by the Skrulls to attack the Shi'ar empire. Xavier would escape this fate and return to Earth where he would be assassinated by Cable, sparking an explosion of attacks instigated by many of the X-Men's enemies.

Sue and the rest of the Fantastic Four would become a target of the Mutant Liberation Front due to their supposed inaction in fighting for Mutant rights, however the outcome of the battle would be unknown[1].

When Magneto and his army would attempt to conquer Washington D.C., they would face opposition from Americas various heroes, including the Fantastic Four. The FF and the other heroes would be forced to stop the fight when Magneto would threaten the lives of the entire US government. Later, when the government would unleash the Sentinels in response to Magneto's take over of Washington, they would target Franklin Richards, prompting his family to protect him.[2]. If has not been specified if Susan fell in battle, however given that Franklin and the rest of the Fantastic Four fell in battle, it seems doubtful that Sue survived the encounter either.

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