On Earth-295, Sue Storm's life took a tragic turn when Apocalypse began taking over America. Her lover Reed Richards attempted to help a few humans escape aboard his prototype trans-ship. However, it was sabotaged by a mutant spy, forcing Reed and Sue's brother Johnny to sacrifice their lives in order to save Sue and the others.

Sue and her long time friend Ben Grimm relocated to London, England where they became members of the human air force that protected the skies from attacks made by Apocalypse's forces. They were members of the convoy of pilots who escorted the arrival of Mikhail Rasputin, who had come to London to offer the Human High Council a chance of "salvation". As they attempted to land at the airport, there was a suddenly explosion on the runway. When Sue and Ben investigated they were attacked by the Thing, who proved nearly impervious to their weapons until Sue shot off his ear. They followed the fleeing Thing and found the wounded Bruce Banner instead, unaware that both he and the Thing were the same and that he was a double agent working for Apocalypse.

Later, Sue and Ben joined Gwen Stacy, Donald Blake, Tony Stark, and Victor von Doom in an open invitation into Mikhail's ship. There they learned that Mikhail's "Upstart Program" - to turn humans into cyborgs - wasn't to offer them the power to be on par with mutants, but to instead make them an army of slaves that Mikhail hoped to use to overthrow Apocalypse[1]. Escaping captivity, Ben and Sue loaded up with weapons and went outside where full a blown riot had broke out. They attempted to load people in airships for an evacuation after it was learned that Apocalypse had launched his sea-wall defense perimeter. During the escape, Ben was shot dead, and Sue mourned his loss[2]. As their ship escaped, the surviving humans witnessed as the sea-wall defenses threatened to destroy their ships. Sue was among the survivors who witnessed Bruce Banner, outed as a traitor to his race, attempt to sacrifice his life as the Thing to destroy a gamma warhead that he himself invented. He saved everyone's life.[3]

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