Susan was there with Reed at the Baxter Building when the being known as Ultron-1320 opened up a temporal portal with an invasion force. Seeing that the rift was destroying New York, Sue ran to Reed to tell him that they should evacuate to go help the other heroes.

Reed Richards (Earth-45162) from What If Age Of Ultron Vol 1 5 002

Sue and Reed watch as the temporal wave hits New York.

But Reed told her that the temporal wave wasn't only affecting New York it was causing a massive tear on a global scale. Sue noticed that Reed's devices was also detecting the same energy signature all over.

He speculated that something ruptured the very structure of time itself and it allowed for the four dimensions to come undone. Sue asked Reed if there was something that they could do about it, but all Sue could do was stand there with Reed and watch as the distortion wave wiped them out.[1]


Seemingly those of the Susan Storm of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Susan Storm of Earth-616.

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