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Susan Storm was part of the cast of the Fantastic Four TV series.[2] Consumed with a ruthless ambition, Susan struck an alliance with Doctor Doom during a trip to Latveria and was imbued with superpowers alongside her brother Johnny Storm. Spending the next five years honing her abilities and even seducing Doctor Doom, once she had learned all she could Susan murdered Doctor Doom and usurped his identity.[1] Eventually returning to New York, she and her brother began using their powers to act as vigilantes, murdering their mother and cremating her body.[3]

Seeking to get Ghost-Spider out of the way, Sue and Johnny pretended to befriend her and teamed up with her to assess her powers.[4] However, the next day Susan demanded Ghost-Spider leave New York, declaring that she and her brother were now the city's rulers. When Ghost-Spider refused, Sue encased her head in an airless bubble to suffocate her despite Johnny's protests that she'd promised not to kill her. Ghost-Spider's symbiote attacked Sue to protect its host, letting her breathe through Susan's force-field. after a short fight Sue managed to capture Ghost-Spider in a force field but was persuaded to give her a chance to join them by Johnny. Susan threatened to kill Ghost-Spider's father and turn the city's opinion against her with a doctored video framing her for a crime, causing Ghost-Spider to exile herself to Earth-616.[1]


Unlike most of her multiversal counterparts, the Susan Storm of Earth-65 is a vain, arrogant, manipulative, and ruthless young woman. Browbeating her younger brother Johnny Storm into doing her bidding, Sue arranged for Victor von Doom to give her and her brother superpowers; seducing him and eventually murdering him in cold blood when she no longer needed him.[1]

Desiring to become a superhero, Sue tricked Ghost-Spider into believing they were friends, intending to kill Gwen and her family once the veteran hero had shown her and her brother the lay of the land.[3] Persuaded by Johnny to give Gwen a chance to leave New York, Sue coldly blackmailed Gwen into leaving Earth-65 altogether.[1]



  • Doctor Doom's Armor: After killing Victor von Doom, Sue took his armor for herself and wore it to impersonate him. Even after returning to New York, she kept his cloak and incorporated it into her vigilante costume.[5]


  • Sue shared a social network account with her brother.[3]

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