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The past history of Sue Storm of Earth-772 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart up until the point when Spider-Man asked to join the Fantastic Four. In this reality, Sue convinced Spider-Man to stay and her teammates to let him join the group after they learned his secret identity and that he needed money to pay for his sick aunt's treatment. This was unexpectedly the decision that would push Sue away from her teammates as the Fantastic Five would begin working together. She helped her teammates defeat the Vulture in combat. However, she was asked to stay behind and monitor things from Earth when Reed and the others ventured to the moon due to the fact that Reed didn't have enough time to modify the rocket to seat five.

While Sue's comrades battled Red Ghost and his Super-Apes on the moon, Sue was contacted by Namor who called to her to join him. Sue, torn between her feelings for Reed and Namor, went unaware that the Sub-Mariner was under the control of their old foe the Puppet Master. Sue was captured and held prisoner in Atlantis, and Namor challenged the remaining Fantastic Five to rescue her upon their return to Earth. During the fight Namor shook off the Puppet Master's control and the fight soon ended. Feeling neglected by her teammates, Sue opted to stay behind and pursue a relationship with Namor, much to the shock of her teammates. Accepting her offer, Namor used a device that made her able to breathe underwater, a process Namor warned would be permanent.[1]

Sue and Namor were soon wed and she became pregnant with his child. Their reign over Atlantis was eventually accepted by all and they experienced an age of peace. With Sue's pregnancy about to come to term, Namor seeked out the rest of the former Fantastic Five to invite them to the festivities. However, he found the group hostile and they chased him off. Reed and Johnny, fuelled by jealousy and vengeance respectively, traveled to Atlantis seeking to plant a bomb that would kill all the Atlanteans. When Reed learned of Sue's pregnancy and that his weapon would threaten both her life and the life of her child, he surrendered and disarmed the bomb. Sue gave birth to a baby boy whom she and Namor named Leonard after Namor's father.[2]

Sue's relationship with Namor eventually ended, and she was restored to normal air-breathing and returned to the surface. There she married Reed Richards and the Fantastic Five were reunited. The circumstances behind these events, and the fate of her relationship with Namor and her first-born child remain unrevealed. Sue became pregnant again, this time with Reed's. However their physiologies made for complications in the birthing process. While Sue struggled to stay alive, Reed and the others traveled into the Negative Zone to collect the Cosmic Control Rod and use it to save Sue and the baby. They succeeded in doing so, and Sue gave birth to her second child, Franklin.[3]

Karn killed the other Fantastic Five members including Mister Fantastic, The Human Torch, The Thing, and Spider-Man. Sue's current whereabouts remain unrevealed and her ultimate fate is unknown.[4]

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Seemingly those of Susan Storm (Earth-616).

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