The past history of Susan Storm of Earth-774 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart up until the point when Bruce Banner was transformed into the Hulk. In this reality, Bruce Banner would retain his intelligence when in his Hulk form. Due to this, Sue's boyfriend Reed Richards would ask Banner to aid in curing her teammate Ben Grimm of being the Thing. Richards and Banner would succeed spelling the end of the Fantastic Four as Ben and Sue's brother Johnny would pursue other interests. Sue would remain by Reed's side at the Baxter Building while Reed, Banner and Charles Xavier would pursue research together.

Ultimately Sue would be present when Reed and his partners would use their newly invented Psychotron to merge into the X-Man to battle Galactus to a standstill, their subsequent de-powering and Ben's mutation back into the Thing[1]. Sue's current activities remain unrevealed.

  • Sue tells Betty Banner that she knows of a dress shop that offers a discount to the wives of super-heroes. While this may imply that in this reality Sue and Reed were married at an earlier date this has yet to be substantiated as fact.

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