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Reed Richards and Sue Storm were rumored to have been beaten and dumped in the timestream by Kang; however, this information was heard third-hand from The Shocker, thus making it uncertain as to whether or not it is actually true.[1] It was stated by Susan herself that Reed had extended her life and that of others, and her children had died helping her and the world survive. She lived as an older woman in the 26th century, on an uninhabitable Earth, creating a team called the New Defenders; so the rumors seem unlikely.

Fantastic vs. Fantastic[]

Deciding to save the people of her time so they could have a chance of survival, Susan time travelled with her team, to the past to save billions of lives. She planned for the team to kidnap this timeline's Human Torch and Dr. Doom to use as power sources to power their time machine, made from Galactus' corpse, to bring back her Earth's population to this time.

Separating herself from the group to infiltrate her family, Susan disguised herself as an older woman named Tabitha Deneuve and applied for a nanny position for her Earth-616 children. Already knowing how intelligent Valeria was at the time, she explained her plan to her to gain her cooperation.

Once Johnny and Victor were kidnapped by the rest of her team, Johnny and Victor felt the torturous pain of powering up the time machine, and Doom stated he would kill their leader to restore his honor.

Susan later received confirmation of their capture, so she attacked and knocked out the Fantastic Four and She-Hulk easily since she had the element of surprise and knew of all the building's defenses and override codes. Once departed, she headed to her invisible flying base with the rest of the Fantastic Force and completed the transfer of 8 billion people from her Earth.

When the rest of the Fantastic Four awoke, they tracked down and fought Susan and the Fantastic Force for kidnapping and using Johnny, only to help them and transport the 8 billion people to Nu-World instead.

With everyone saved, she apologized to Victor for what happened, saying "it was nothing personal", with him saying "likewise", as he electrocuted her, killing Susan instantly.[2]

Funeral For A Friend[]

Susan was buried in New York City, with a multitude of superheroes showing up to her funeral, and her past-self speaking on her behalf.[3] Knowing that she would die, she left a holographic message for her old team.[4]







  • Susan stated that she's stronger than Earth-616 counterpart since she had years of practice more than her.
  • It is unknown if she lived for 500 continuous years as she mentioned during conversations to Valeria. If she was just remarking how far in the future she is from due to her longevity or as she time travelled to the future.[5] Nonetheless, the rumor from The Shocker seems false since it could be, as she stated, that Reed gave her and others extended life spans (but to what degree is not mentioned).

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