Susan Storm was Mr. Fantastic's wife and fellow teammate in the Fantastic Four.

She was visited by Wasp while Iron Man visited Reeed. She and Wasp went down further into the Baxter Building but they were attacked by Doombots and kidnapped. They were brought to Latveria by Lucia von Bardas and put in stasis spheres until the combined team of the Avengers and Fantastic Four invaded Castle Doom and took them back. In Dr. Doom's throne room, Doom was seen looking at a hologram of studies he did to Sue and Wasp, Sue's hologram revealed she's a Skrull.[1]

The real Susan Storm was later found by Captain America, where she was in stasis due to the threat she posed to the Skrulls. Captain America proceeded to free Sue from imprisonment, and she later recovered and helped the other prisoners escape before passing out from exhaustion.[2]

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Seemingly those of Susan Storm (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Susan Storm (Earth-616)#Abilities.





  • She is the only member of the Fantastic Four that didn't appear live in the first season.

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