Quote1 Twenty years ago, the world fell apart. They blame me and they want to kill you. And we need your help to level the playing field. What you did for Ben... You're going to do the same for everyone on Earth. We're going to eliminate the mutant problem once and for all. Quote2
-- Sue Storm

Early Years

When her brother, Johnny Storm, was killed in the Ultimatum Wave, she was driven by grief to rid the world of mutants and super powers. She became a despot and created the N-Zone Facility to house captured mutants and anyone with abilities. Susan eventually betrayed Reed Richards and left him stranded in the N-Zone. She then became romantically involved with Namor and reformed the Fantastic Four, along with Iron Man (Ben Grimm) and Firestar.


When the Reed Richards of the past was brought to the present, she captured and tricked him into building a replica of the same machine his future self used to free Ben of his mutation, with the intent of using the device to complete her plan to rid the world of super powers. She betrayed past Reed and was eventually stripped of her powers by him. Her prisoners were then released.

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