On Earth-99315, a possible future of Earth-616, Doctor Doom was regarded a hero and eventually married the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four. If this was really Doctor Doom or Reed Richards of this reality is unspecified.[1][note 1] When Valeria Richards, the daughter of Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman of Earth-616 apparently died during childbirth[2] her brother Franklin subconsciously used his powers to transport her body to Earth-99315 where she was reborn as Valeria von Doom, daughter to this reality's Invisible Woman and Doctor Doom.[3] Valeria was raised to be a heir to Doom's empire and grow a close bond to her brother Franklin.[4]

On an undisclosed mission Mister Fantastic, the Human Torch, the Thing and Doom apparently perished. Doom's dying request was that his bodyguard Lancer protect his daughter from danger.[5] The surviving members of the Fantastic Four and their ally Caledonia later commissioned Alicia Masters to sculpt a statue of their fallen teammates. This scene was viewed by the Fantastic Four of Earth-616 who were given a cryptic warning by Franklin of an impending catastrophic before being sent back to their proper reality.[1] Later, Valeria and her bedroom were transported to Earth-616 where it became a fixture of the Fantastic Four's Pier Four headquarters.[6]

Sue's Earth was later invaded by the Kree and later by an alien race similar to the Brood.[7] Her subsequent fate is unknown.


Presumably similar to her Earth-616 counterpart.

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  1. On Earth-616 circa Fantastic Four Vol 3 #25-31, Mister Fantastic was trapped in the armor of Doctor Doom. At the time Earth-99315 was suggested to be a possible future of Earth-616 and as such the true identity of "Doctor Doom" of Earth-99315 was ambiguous.

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