Black Susan was the Sheriff of a small town from a futurstic wild west reality and entered a duel with the Stranger from Beyond, who arrived to try and change things. At the stroke of 12 the duel started and Black Sue shot and seemingly killed the Beyonder. After the dual space time collapsed again, and brought Chamberlain Grimm, Pirate Captain Storm and Black Susan to Earth-TRN586, a universe in a WWII style battle with the Skrulls. Grimm and Storm were pilots of the plane and Black Sue was with the crew who jumped with parachutes. [1]

Space time collapsed again and transported everybody to Earth-TRN587, a world where Reed Richards was the Supreme Intelligence and was being overun by Symbiote possessed Skrulls. After Reed's death the Skrulls then attacked the group and they were attacked. While the Ben's and Johnny's were seemingly killed the Susan's were holding out, there fate after the viewer was switched and the Fantastic Four of Earth-616 returned home is unknown.[2]

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