Invisible Woman was one of the few superheroes who opposed the Registration Acts during the Civil War. Some point he was killed, but was resurrected by President Stark, a.k.a. Iron Patriot using the Reality Stone. After being arrested, she was forced to undertake suicide missions as a member of the Thunderbolts in order to buy time off her prison sentence. At some point she divorced Mister Fantastic and started a relationship with Steve Rogers[1]

Contest of Champions

When President Stark and his Mighty Avengers were kidnapped by Maestro (a Hulk from an alternate dimension), the Thunderbolts were sent by Reed Richards to Battlerealm, a broken section of space-time at the edge of everything to where the teleport trail left behind by Maestro led to.[1]

Invisible Woman and her teammates fought the Mighty Avengers (whose memories had been altered by Maestro) and the unwilling contestants of Maestro's Contest of Champions, until the death of Steve Rogers at the hands of Iron Patriot. Invisible Woman in her anger used her force-fields to try and rip Stark's armor off and revealed he had been using the Reality Stone to subtly manipulate reality in his favor back in their home reality, Maestro killed Stark and challenged the remaining contestants, as well as his own allies, to defeat him. Invisible Woman and the rest of the group were defeated by Maestro until Stick managed to restore The Sentry from the Symbioids. The Sentry played a key role in the following confrontation against Maestro, giving the contestants enough power to defy Maestro and give Outlaw enough time to snatch the Iso-Sphere. When Outlaw used the Iso-Sphere to finish the contest, by banishing Maestro, Invisible Woman was one of the contestants who remained behind in Battlerealm and formed the Civil Warriors, a group of heroes who took the duty of guarding the deposits of raw Iso-8 and the shattered remains of the Iso-Sphere from any interdimensional invaders who could try to get their hands on it.[2]


Seemingly those of her Prime Marvel Universe's counterpart.


Seemingly those of her Prime Marvel Universe's counterpart.

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