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Malice is the manifestation of the dark side of the Fantastic Four's Invisible Woman. She was first brought to life by the Psycho-Man's Hate-Monger during an attack on New York City. As Malice, Sue was forced to attack her teammates in the Fantastic Four[1][2] until ultimately, Mister Fantastic used mental abuse to force Sue's regular personality to reassert itself.[3] When Sue attempted to get revenge against Psycho-Man and the Hate-Monger, the former retreated back to the Microverse while the latter was slain by the Scourge of the Underworld.[2]

Sometime later, when Sue and her husband joined the Silver Surfer on a mission to recover the Infinity Gems from the Elders of the Universe, Sue's Malice persona began coming to the fore.[4] Malice attempted to gain control of the Soul Gem for herself, but was defeated when she was briefly subject to its powers, allowing Sue to regain dominance once again.[5] Not long after this, during the Infinity War, Malice warred within Sue's mind for supremacy of her body. Instead of utterly defeating her foe, Sue took a gamble and merged herself with her Malice personality hoping to put these conflicts to rest.[6]

This caused Sue to become more prone to angry outbursts and a more violent use of her powers, as well as starting to wear a more revealing costume.[7] Eventually, the Malice personality was expunged from Sue's body by Psi-Lord, Sue's teenage son from an alternate future.[8] There, Malice plagued Psi-Lord with taunts mentally for a short time.[9] Later during a battle against the Dark Raider (an evil alternate reality version of Reed Richards), Psi-Lord and the Invisible Woman forced the Malice persona into the Raider's mind leading to his defeat.[10] Presumably, the Malice persona remained in his mind from then onward, and likely was destroyed along with Richards when the Invisible Woman was forced to toss him into the Distortion Area of the Negative Zone.[11] The Malice persona has not been seen since, and is presumably destroyed. This is, however, conjecture.


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