Susan Sturm is a powerless, 1950's version of Susan Storm. Susan was born in 1933. At the age of 19, she lost both of her parents in a car accident. She left Sarah Lawrence college during her sophomore year and moved back home to care for her eight year old brother, Johnny Sturm.

Susan became involved with her neighbor, Dr. Reed Richards. Reed took little interest in Johnny, for whom Sue hoped Reed would act as a stabilizing male influence. Johnny found Reed boring. One night, after sharing to many drinks with Reed's old college friend Ben Grimm, Sue and Ben began to make out. Reed walked in on them as he was about to propose to Sue. Disappointed, he walked out on both of them.

In June 1960, Sue, Johnny, Reed, and Ben Grimm became national heroes as government agents involved in the space program. Sue was important to the early feminist movement. Sue dealt directly with Marvel in approving all scripts and licensing. Sue's work as the director of the non-profit Fantastic Four Foundation was influential and long lasting.

One of Sue's neighbors had a husband named Roy who was a comic artist working in the Marvel bullpen. Despite being married he had a crush on Sue. Roy would always look for a way to incorporate Sue into his comics. One comic based entirely on Sue was called Vapor Girl, featuring a blonde woman who could turn herself into mist. Ironically, Johnny Sturm had a crush on Vapor Girl.

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