Appearing in "The Little Black Box"

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Synopsis for "The Little Black Box"

People kill for the secret of the little black box. But the only thing inside of it is...another little black box.

Appearing in "Night of Horror"

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Synopsis for "Night of Horror"

When a pledge dies during a college initiation, the frat boy responsible for it does not mend his ways but continues to think up more sadistic rituals. His next one involves being tied to a tombstone in the cemetery and attempting to frighten the pledges, but he doesn't notice that the tombstone he ties himself to belongs to the boy he killed and the grave opens beneath him to swallow him up.

Appearing in "Norman was Right!"

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Synopsis for "Norman was Right!"

When a ladykiller spots a beautiful woman wearing a leopard disguise at a dance he bets his friends that he can get her to dance with him even though she has declined invitations from others. She agrees to dance with him and he gloats over his friends. She takes him outside and gets him alone where she reveals that she is not wearing a mask and is, in fact, a hungry were-leopard.

Appearing in "Joe's Friend!"

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Synopsis for "Joe's Friend!"

A crazy man murders his wife and blames it on his 'friend' who lives in...the mirror.

Appearing in "The Dungeon"

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Synopsis for "The Dungeon"

When a convict plots a jail break he gets help from the ghost of a murdered warden who leads him to an even worse prison.

Appearing in "The Murder Club"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Murder Club"

A man encounters a group of ghosts that have all been executed for their murders who encourage him to murder his aunt for her money. When he does the deed, he returns to them in order to be initiated as a full member into the murder club, but in order to become a full member they must execute him.

Appearing in "The Thing in the Shadows"

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Synopsis for "The Thing in the Shadows"

When a killer hides in the hearse that the body of his victim has been placed in, the dead man's hands strangle him and they are both buried in the same coffin.

Appearing in "The Dead Witch!"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Dead Witch!"

A man finds out that he married a witch after he runs over her with the car for her money. She lays a curse on him so that he will die the same way.

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