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Synopsis for "Escape from Death"Edit

A convict sentenced to die in the electric chair is given a treatment by a criminal scientist which will convert his body into a human torch that can be used to melt its way into bank vaults. The scientist gets the convict to obey him by promising to return his body to the way it was, but he gets greedy and refuses to honor his agreement. In revenge, the convict kills the scientist and burns down his house. He walks outside and is struck by lightning and is destroyed.

Appearing in "The Joke"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Joke"Edit

A boy is taken into a crypt and made to suspend a water tank above his head with a broom as his fellows take off, laughing at their practical joke. Eventually he drops the tank on himself in order to flee the crypt and he swears to get even with them some day. Ten years later they take up gold prospecting and find a large vein in an abandoned mine. He decides to kill his two partners to claim all the gold for himself. One he shoves into a deep pit and the other he smashes in the head with a rock. The roof of the cave begins to collapse and he yells to his victim to help him shore it up, which he cannot do of course as he is dead. The killer rages as he feels they have played the same trick on him twice.

Appearing in "The Cozy Coffin!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Cozy Coffin!"Edit

A wealthy man has two coffins set up in his estate, one for himself and one for his nephew. The wealthy man insists that his greedy nephew sleep in the casket, and when the morning comes, he finds that he has died and only his ghost remains with that of the old man.

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