Appearing in "The Man Who Lost His Head!"

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Lost His Head!"

An explorer hires a guide to take him to Jivaro country, unaware that his guide is in fact the chief of the Jivaro head-shrinkers.

Appearing in "The Black Pit"

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Synopsis for "The Black Pit"

Workmen digging a subway tunnel beneath a cemetery disturb the spirits. The foreman thinks his worker Simon is crazy when Simon tells him that he's visited by his daughter Nelda in the black pit. Other men begin seeing ghosts and blaming Simon for his stories but the foreman sticks up for him. A cave-in separates the foreman from his crew and Nelda leads him to the surface. The foreman is surprised the entrance he emerged from is gone and asks for Simon. Simon admits that Nelda died years ago and is interred in the cemetery above. The foreman resolves to determine another route for the project and leave the spirits undisturbed.

Appearing in "Mind Over Murder!"

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Synopsis for "Mind Over Murder!"

The protagonist suffers from amnesia during which time he becomes a homicidal maniac.

Appearing in "Quiet Destiny"

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Synopsis for "Quiet Destiny"

text story

Appearing in "The Creature Who Didn't Exist!"

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Synopsis for "The Creature Who Didn't Exist!"

Charles discovers his wife Stella and assistant Mark are having an affair so he builds a robot to murder them but the robot develops a conscience and realizes what he's been programmed to do is wrong so he frames Charles for the crime.

Appearing in "The Forbidden Room!"

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Synopsis for "The Forbidden Room!"

Sandor wants to buy Count Honved's castle so he spreads tales of black magic to incite the villagers to drive him out. Sandor's plan works but as he signs the paperwork the Count warns Sandor not to enter the room at the top of the stairs. When Sandor's curiosity gets the better of him he finds just an empty room but he has now been rendered intangible.

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