Appearing in "Don't Open This Door!"

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Synopsis for "Don't Open This Door!"

A lighthouse keeper is made to pay for his crime of negligence in greedily failing to warn off a merchant ship from the rocks by haunting himself every night for eternity.

Appearing in "You Take A Pin..."

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Synopsis for "You Take A Pin..."

Henry buys a voodoo doll of his business partner Charles and sticks a pin in its arm. When Charles cries out in pain Henry realizes the doll actually works. Henry admits to himself that he's not a murderer and attempts to return the doll to the shop where he purchased it but he's unable to locate the shop. Henry returns to his office intending to phone the police and expose Charles' criminal doings but Charles seizes the doll and flings it at Henry. Henry ducks and the doll falls into the burning fireplace causing Charles to burst into flame.

Appearing in "The Other Head!"

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Synopsis for "The Other Head!"

A reporter sees a head on display in a New York museum which reminds him of an explorer who'd gone missing after visiting China. He uncovers a story of three explorers who had murdered the caretakers of the temple of the Red Dragon in order to loot valuables. Eventually the heads of all three men mysteriously wind up in the museum display.

Appearing in "The Evil Eye"

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Synopsis for "The Evil Eye"

This story is an adaptation of Hans Heinz Ewers' "The Spider" only changing the gender of the protagonist.

Appearing in "The Walking Ghost"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Walking Ghost"

Al and Lou bet each other about whether a ghost exists in a house which is supposed to be haunted. Lou hires a friend to dress as a ghost but Al is suspicious and tackles him. Al demands Lou's ring for winning the bet but later gets a call from Lou's wife wondering where he is. Al returns to the house only to discover the police and medical examiner with Lou's dead body. Al is shocked to learn Lou has been dead for several hours.

Appearing in "The Maker of Dolls"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Maker of Dolls"

A reporter learns that a doll-maker is creating animate dolls to commit robbery but no one believes him. When he returns to the doll-maker he is subdued and converted into a doll which is later displayed in a shop window.

Appearing in "The Picture"

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Synopsis for "The Picture"

A man buys a painting at an auction which depicts damnable tortures and wonders why he bought it since it is so gruesome. His wife dislikes it so he puts it in the attic, but when he glances at the picture again, it appears as though one of the victims is outstretching her hand to him. When his hand brushes the canvas he finds himself pulled into the painting with the monsters and their victim. When his wife approaches the canvas with a knife, he reaches out to her and she finds herself pulled into the painting as he is released. Grateful to be out of the painting, he picks up the knife and destroys it, too late realizing that his wife was trapped inside.

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