Appearing in "Back From The Dead"

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Synopsis for "Back From The Dead"

A man sends forth his ghost-soul to strangle the man who's testimony put him behind behinds. After the killing is done, the soul attempts to rejoin the flesh, but the soul of man who has been killed pursues him and prevents the soul from reentering the body. The jailers are baffled when they find the prisoner dead the next morning and figure that he must have died at about the same time as his victim.

Appearing in "The Weatherman"

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Synopsis for "The Weatherman"

A man chooses suicide as a means to escape the predictions of a tiny clockface figure that accurately predicted the stock market so as to gain him wealth. When the figure predicts his death, he becomes so unnerved that he shoots himself rather than keep guessing as to the form his impending doom will take.

Appearing in "Step Into My Parlor!"

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Synopsis for "Step Into My Parlor!"

A man collects trophies from the people he incites to commit murder.

Appearing in "The Little Men"

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Synopsis for "The Little Men"

After a man sells all his stock of mechanical men except one, it talks to him, and offers to transform him into a mechanical man. He accepts in order to get away from his nagging wife.

Appearing in "Norman's Nightmare"

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Synopsis for "Norman's Nightmare"

A man's nightmares remake him in their image.

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