The past history of Suwan of Earth-9904 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart up until the early 1950's. Much like on Earth-616, Suwan would fall in love with FBI Agent Jimmy Woo, however remain loyal to her uncle, the international terrorist known as Yellow Claw. In this reality, her uncle would plot to kidnap President Dwight Eisenhower as part of a plot to take control the United States. When Yellow Claw's minions would capture the President, but inadvertently lure Woo to their hide out.

Realizing her uncle was completely mad, the helpless Suwan would wonder what to do, when she would spot Jimmy hiding. They would share a kiss before Jimmy would hand her a radio communicator for her to use should he be captured. It would prove to be too late for that as Jimmy would be captured by Yellow Claw's minion Electro right before Suwan's eyes. When Yellow Claw would announce that he would torture Jimmy Woo, Suwan would run out of the room in tears. Allowing his niece to go, Yellow Claw would leave himself open to betrayal: Suwan would use the communicator handed to her by Jimmy to radio his super-powered allies the Avengers and tip them off to the location of Yellow Claw's hide out, ultimately leading to his defeat. During the fight, Suwan would free Jimmy and he would go after her uncle, but Yellow Claw would ultimately escape[1].

Suwan's ultimate fate remains unrevealed, but it's likely she was killed when Immortus used the Forever Crystal to erase Earth-9904 from existence[2].


Seemingly those of Suwan (Earth-616)#Powers.

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