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The Eternal known in modern times as Suyin King was operating as a college professor in America. Through her lectures, she was unable to convince her students that mutantkind was a collection of individuals, not a single threat to mankind. She was forced to use her Eternal talents to drive off a group of bigots who intended to attack her in the parking lot that night for her progressive views.

King returned to Olympia for the resurrection of Virako, and was drawn into the battle in San Francisco against Karkas. Afterwards, she joined the other Eternals in introducing themselves to the public as "the New Breed", a team of costumed heroes. King assumed the codename Chi Demon.[2]

After the Civil War, she was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[1]



Chi Demon presumably has the standard abilities of an Eternal of Earth. To date, however, she has only demonstrated the abilities of flight, thermal optic blasts, and minor molecular transmutation to alter her clothing. She could also summon her energy-charged sword at will, presumably through the use of her molecular powers.

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