In an alternate future, Kang the Conqueror was defeated by an unknown foe and the Earth was left devastated. Tony Stark and Suzi Endo began to industrialize the planet. Suzi also had herself augmented with bionics.[2]

Immortus discovered her and had her sent to Earth-616 to assist him in The Crossing. 616's Suzi Endo received a sudden phone call from Iron Man asking her to work on an experimental suit. On her way, she was knocked unconscious and replaced by her alternate self.[3]

That Suzi put on the 'Cybermancer' suit and was introduced as a new member of Force Works. The other members were shocked at her ruthless attitude. When ordered to bring in Hawkeye for questioning about murders at Avengers Mansion, Cybermancer attacked him despite the others' pleas to hear him out about being framed. When Century returned, Cybermancer attacked him as well, but was defeated. Cybermancer was sent back to her home reality upon the defeat of Immortus. Most of her suit was also removed with the exception of one gauntlet.[2]


The Cybermancer Armor can form shapes from "hard light". These projections could serve as force fields and variable weapons. Known properties were cutting, explosive, and heat-seeking. She also used a synaptic disruptor to stun and capture Hawkeye (Clint Barton).

Cybermancer could also launch 'drogues.' When they latched onto mechanical devices, the drogue can drain its energy and/or jam signals produced by the device.

The suit automatically calculated trajectories of incoming attacks, assisting the user in evading them.

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