Sven Gollison (Earth-616) reimagined Thing Vol 1 7

How Goodie-Two Shoes was depicted in John Byrne's adaptation of his battle with the Thing. [1]

Goody Two-Shoes was robbing a bank in New York City when the Thing interrupted the heist. Although equipped with specially made shoes, Goodie-Two Shoes was easily defeated by the Thing with a simple flick of the finger and turned over to the authorities. Because the Fantastic Four's adventures are licensed out to Marvel Comics to be adapted into comic books, this battle was slated for the next issue of the Thing's own comic book. Series writer John Byrne decided that the story wasn't interesting enough and decided to embellish the tale. In Byrne's version of the story, Sven was much more muscular and claimed to have atomic powered boots and was an actual match for the Thing. Although the published story shows the Thing defeating his foe and stripping him of his special shoes, it was considered humiliating to the Thing. After reading the comic book adaptation of this battle, the Thing went down to the Marvel Comics offices to give Byrne and his creative team a piece of his mind. [1]


Allegedly great strength derived from atomic boots of doubtful power

Power Grid [2]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills

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