Doctor Doom developed these fragile robots to overcome enemies by numbers. They were first used on an attempt to kidnap child Franklin Richards from the Four Freedoms Plaza. Richards' family the Fantastic Four easily destroyed the robots, then assumed that the threat was over and relaxed. Several remnants of different robots then reassambled each other, cannibalizing pieces to form a new operative unit, K-137 - which then launched at maximum speed and kidnapped Richards from his mother's side. The robot was so fast that the Human Torch was unable to stop it before it RV'ed with Doom's flying vehicle over the Atlantic Ocean. Having fulfilled the mission, the robot disconnected and fell. The Torch took it away to see whether Mister Fantastic could get any information of it, but this was useless.[1]

The Fantastic Four prepared a different plan: Doom's foster child Kristoff Vernard, who had been brainwashed to believe he was Doom and given all of Doom's memories, was the Fantastic Four's prisoner at the time. Vernard whistled a tune that activated the broken robot and ordered the robot to release him. Vernard then ordered the robot to fly him to Latveria. This was the Fantastic Four's plan: They wanted to follow Vernard to Latveria. The travel was too strenous and the robot was obliterated when it arrived.[1]

Doom probably has some one hundred of them on his castle on Adirondack Mountains.[2]

Known Powers:

  • Robotic construction: Their robotic form provides them physical protection as well as immunity to mind, emotional and illusion attacks; however, they are susceptible to machinery-affecting attacks.[2]
  • Self-integration: A swarmbot can combine with two other swarmbots becoming only one robot with increased powers and attributes in a matter of seconds.[1][2]
  • Lightning: Each swarmbot can project a feeble lightning to attack enemies.[1][2]
  • Flight: Swarmbots have rockets on their legs, allowing them a slow flight.[1][2]
  • Interface: They are capable of speech and memory, allowing them to receive verbal orders. Some tunes can format their hard drive,[1][2] while others allowed Doom to reprogram them - a trait shared by the whole K-series.[1]

Strength Level:



  • Integrated weapons.[2]

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