Sweet Medicine is an Eastern Keewazi Indian reservation located near Santa Rosa, New Mexico. It possessed an underground spring from where its inhabitants extracted water both for themselves and to sell it to the surrounding region. This spring became contaminated after containers with hazardous waste illegally dumped decades ago started leaking. This caused the reservation to fall below the line of poverty due to having lost its main source of income.

Five years after the water started getting polluted, Hawkeye paid the reservation a visit in order to investigate the situation, accompanied by deputy Red Wolf. When he delved into the reservation to further inspect, Hawkeye ran afoul of an armed militia. While Red Wolf subsequently assisted him, both heroes were attacked by Hydro-Man.[1]

Two inhabitants of the reservation, Silas and Frank Fireheart had noticed the noise caused by the Hawkeye and Red Wolf, and their subsequent capture by Hydro-Man and the militia. They followed the captors to an alleged hazard zone, where they discovered a secret water pumping station set up by the company Oasis Spring Water.

The Fireheart cousins assisted Hawkeye and Red Wolf in defeating Hydro-Man, the militia, and their boss. Once the authorities arrived, it was determined that the toxic waste leak and the contaminated water were both part of a ruse to draw attention from the underground reservoir from where Oasis was stealing.[2]


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