The Apache Kid returns to his home on day to hear local malcontent Swift Buffalo telling his son White Pine that the white men who have settled on their lands need to be driven out. Apache Kid confronts Swift Buffalo telling him that fighting the white man will lead to the destruction of their people. Angered, Swift Buffalo challenges the Apache Kid to a fight, a trail of combat that the Kid easily wins. Accepting defeat Swift Buffalo decides to take his son and leave the tribe and find others that will help him wage war against the settlers who have encroached on their lands. Hearing this Red Hawk fears the worst if Swift Buffalo can find those willing to take up his cause, but the Apache Kid assures his adopted father that he will resolve the conflict before there is any bloodshed.

Leaving the village, the Apache Kid changes into his alter ego of Aloysius Kare and pays a visit to Fort Madison to meet with his friend Captain Bill Gregory. Kare tries to get Bill to agree to not fight back against any attacks from Native Americans, but when a flaming tomahawk -- a declaration of war -- lands at the fort, Bill tells Kare that he cannot shirk his duty as a soldier and rallies his troops for the counter-attack. Kare rushes out and changes back into the Apache Kid and tracks down Swift Buffalo and his army. He then watches as they engage the soldiers, when Swift Buffalo takes a bullet to the shoulder his son White Pine tries to rush to his aid. Seeing his son running into harms way, Swift Buffalo orders him to turn back but the boy does not listen. The Apache Kid then pulls the boy to safety making Swift Buffalo to realize the errors of his way and surrenders to the army soldiers promising not to fight in the future. Swift Buffalo then thanks the Apache Kid for teaching him that war is not the way.[1]

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