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High atop the Swiss Alps laid Nora Queen's unique structure, its existence shrouded by advanced masking technology.[1] It's massive structure was electronically shielded from the world at large.[2] Every square inch of the Praxis facility, including private quarters, was covered by video cameras.[3] As Nora was hovering near death, Lester (Loki) brought her outside, as the temporal spell would freeze her in time, untouched by the harshness of the alpine climate.[4]

Many years later, in a Swiss Alps chalet, home to Nicodemus', some of his fellow Externals gathered to discuss the last External to rise in X-Force member Cannonball.[5]

Some time later, at his chalet in the Swiss Alps, infected by the Legacy Virus Nicodemus' health degenerated so quickly he caused a tremendous explosion, as witnessed by Gideon.[6]

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