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According to the dark god Knull, the Sword of Fu Xi was a divine star-forged weapon with the potential to destroy worlds, though its true power could not be comprehended or unlocked by a mortal wielder.[1]

Battle of Zhuolu

Millennia ago, when the Xian god of war Chiyou and his demonic army were slaughtering the confederation of Chinese tribes descended from the Three Sovereigns (known collectively as the Huaxia), their leader Emperor Xuanyuan called on Fu Xi, Nü-wa, and Shen Nong to assist their descendants in defeating Chiyou. In response, the Three Sovereigns gifted their descendants sacred weapons, with Fu Xi sending the Sword of Fu Xi. Using the Sword, the Chief of the Fu Xi Tribe joined forces with the other Huaxia to defeat Chiyou and his army.[2] Despite his defeat, Chiyou was unable to be completely destroyed, resulting in the Huaxia dividing his remains and soul into thirds and sealed within three tombs, with the Sword guarding his head and a soul fragment.[3]

Modern Times

In the present, the Sword of Fu Xi was found in Qianfengou by an archaeologist, floating into a serpent-shaped red fog that emerged from a chamber grave robbers (including Hou Lao Er) opened (despite the Professor's and his guide's attempts to stop them, on archaeological preservation motives). Unbeknownst to the Professor, he was a descendant of Fu Xi, and the Sword moved on its own to protect him from the red fog, which was revealed to be Chiyou's unleashed spirit.[4]

The professor brought the Sword to his son Lin Lie in Shanghai, just before he disappeared along with his other son Lin Feng after they returned to Qianfengou.[5]

As he tried to figure out his father's disappearance, Lie had nightmares, where he wielded the Sword while facing Chiyou, as the god was tearing apart the legions of Emperor Huang in the field of Zhuolu, until he froze before the god, saved by his father.[6]

Lie slashed his shoulder on it while avoiding an attack from one of Chiyou's demon minions. Moments later, the sword started flying through the air, maiming the demon, but also preventing Lie from fleeing the place, until he was rescued by Ji Shuangshuang.[7] Shuangshuang stabbed Lie with the Sword; the while it did not harm him, instead he saw a vision of the Huaxia's victory over Chiyou in 3000 BC. Shuangshuang revealed that when the Sword and Chiyou's Orb had been removed from their resting place, the seals containing Chiyou weakened and unleashed his demon army. Believing Lie to be too incompetent to fight Chiyou, Shuangshuang took the Orb in Lie' from him. Lie tried to chase after her but was attacked by Baron Mordo, who wanted the Sword for himself. Lie was rescued by Doctor Strange, who foguht off Mordo. After Lie explained what the Sword was and the threat of Chiyou, Strange offered to take the Sword for safekeeping but relented when Lie told him of his family duty and that it was the only clue to finding his father. Lie used the Sword's power to defeat the remaining demons with Shuangshuang, who was by her grandmother to return to the Nü-wa estate in Gansu with Lie and the Sword. Unable to take a flight due to the Sword failing security checks at the airport and Shuangshuang's magic not being strong enough to transport them, Lie recruited his roommate Ah Cheng to drive them as he had a driver's license. When the met Cheng in downtown Shanghai, the Sword moved on its own and pointed out Feng from a crowd. By the time Shuangshuang and Cheng caught up with Lie, Feng disappeared. Lie and his friends helped Ji Xiangyun and the Nü-wa Clan defend the Nü-wa mansion when it was attacked by Chiyou's demons. Afterwards, Xiangyun took Lie and Shuangshuang to the tomb containing Chiyou's body and used her magic to show the Sword's memories of Chiyou's sealing and release, as well as the last moments of Lie's father before his disappearance. Lie was told by Xiangyun that he needed to start his training under Shuangshuang.[8]

After the War of the Realms, Lin Lie found himself in New York City, still on the trail of his father, using the sword to threaten his contacts, until Shang-Chi stopped him, who intended to help him, by first by training Lie to swordsmanship,[9] and bringing him to live at his place.

At his turn, Shang-Chi had a nightmare where he warned Lin Lie of demons wishing to take the sword, but Lin Lie held it confidently and stabbed him. Awakening, Shang-Chi intended to get rid of the sword, considering it was too dangerous and could fell into the wrong person's hands, but Lin aggressively protested, the sword being the only link to his missing father. The two soon fled the flat, but were surrounded by undead giant warriors led by Ares, God of War, who managed to take the sword.[10]. However, Ares was unable to awaken the sword's powers, allowing Shang-Chi to take the sword back from him.[11]. Ares confessed that he needed to sword to kill his son's kidnapper, whom he believed was another God.[12]

The three tracked Ismenios down to a temple in Madripoor, where Lie used to sword to break him from his prison, which also alerted Ismenios' kidnapper, the mother goddess Davi Naka.[13] Lie attempted to attack her but the sword defied him and sided with Naka, allowing her to take it from Lie before handing it back to him.[14]

King in Black

Upon learning that symbiote dragons were attacking Shanghai, Lin travelled there assuming they were minions of Chiyou. Upon learning from Aero that the symbiote dragons were servants of a different dark god, Knull, Lie was disappointed and stubbornly refused to assist in repelling the invasion, arguing that the Sword of Fu Xi had a proud will of its own and was meant to be wielded against Chiyou alone.

Angered by the boy's arrogance and hubris, the Sword of Fu Xi left him for Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, who had been stranded in Shanghai after a symbiote-dragon attacked him seeking to claim his Ebony Blade for Knull. Attacked by a symbiote dragon, the Black Knight lapsed into a berserk state - the Sword of Fu Xi belatedly realizing he wasn't a noble warrior and attempting to return to Lie. Lin and Dane's struggle over the blade was interrupted when the symbiote-dragon latched onto them with tendrils to mentally connect them to Knull; the Sword of Fu Xi setting Dane's hand ablaze with divine flames to force him to relinquish it before returning to Lie.

With Knull desiring to claim both the Ebony Blade and the Sword of Fu Xi for himself, Lie wielded the divine sword alongside Aero and the Black Knight in order to vanquish Knull's avatar.[1]

Death of Doctor Strange

Destruction of the Sword of Fu Xi

While Lin Lie fought a demonic Kumiho with White Fox, the Sword of Fu Xi got shattered by a bite from the beast's jaws. When a shocked Lie wondered how that was possible, the demon claimed that the sword recognized how weak he was and proceeded to throw him into a ravine. Due to the sword's destruction, the seals on Chiyou's Three Tombs weakened, allowing his minions to escape and attack cities around the world. The Agents of Atlas and Tiger Division were unable to find Lie, instead only recovering a shard of the sword which White Fox kept.[15]

White Fox

When White Fox and Kyungtae Kim were attacked by a member of the Sunset Order with paper talismans, White Fox stabbed herself with the shard, physically empowering her and allowing her to resist the talismans. She stabbed the Order member in the heart with the shard, who was revealed to be a construct created from talismans.[16]

The New Iron Fist

The sword's remains and Lin Lie were washed ashore outside K'un-Lun, where the newly hatched Shou Lao bestowed his chi onto Lie, saving his life and granting him the power and title of the Iron Fist. Despite the sword's destruction, several of its shards became embedded in Lie's hands, allowing him to summon the Sword's power through his fists but left him in a state of constant pain and agony. Lie's savior Mei Min advised him against immediately removing the shards as it could potentially cause an imbalance between his chi and Shou-Lao's, killing him. Lie aspired to recover the remaining pieces and reforge the Sword to restore Chiyou's broken seal. Several months later, Lie tracked down a large piece of the sword in a Chinese antique shop in Flushing, where he encountered Danny Rand, the previous Iron Fist before him, who helped him recover the piece from several of Chiyou's minions. Afterwards, Lie returned to Mei Min's home in K'un-Lun, where he kept the partially repaired Sword of Fu Xi within a puzzle box previously gifted to him by Doctor Strange that only he can open. One of Chiyou's demons, who previously devoured and assumed the form of Mei Min's father, attempted to take the sword from its box, but was prevented so by the spells protecting it[17] When the seal in Chiyou's first tomb was destroyed by Lin Feng, the Sword's pieces began glowing with mystic energy, with the shards in Lie's hands leaving him in excruciating pain, with Lie noting that they were pulling away from his skin.[18] The shards' energy led Lie back to the Mei residence, where the demon who disguised himself as Min's father revealed his identity and gravely wounded Min's mother when she attempted to protect the shards in the puzzle box from him. After the demon proved to be too powerful for Lie, Min and Yang Yi, Lie stabbed his arms with the remaining shards, giving him enough power to destroy the demon. Meanwhile, Feng recovered the Sword's scabbard from the first tomb, which also contained a sliver of the Sword's power.[19]


As one of the three sacred weapons of the Three Sovereigns, the Sword of Fu Xi is wielded by the descendants of Fu Xi to destroy Chiyou and Tribe Jiu Li. When activated, the Sword projects mystical green flames which can be fired as a projectile and increases the cutting power and range of the Sword.[2] Due to its ability to move on its own, the Sword is capable of allowing its user to fly at short distances.[20]

Aside from Chiyou and his minions, the Sword has also been equally effective against fire goblins,[21] wyverns,[22], symbiote dragons[1] and other demons and undead[15] The Sword can also disrupt spells created by talismans.[16]

While the Sword's power can only be activated by a descendant of Fu Xi, the unactivated blade can still be quite deadly in others' hands, as demonstrated by Ares and Shang-Chi.[23] It has also been suggested that powerful magic can override the Sword's enchantment to only allow Fu Xi's descendants to wield it.[24]

A noticeable trait is that the Sword of Fu Xi is sentient, and posses the ability to move on its own.[25] While the Sword has gone out of its way to protect Lie from threats, it has also defied him when he showed undesirable traits, such as cowardice or arrogance.[25] The Sword has allowed itself to be wielded with its powers activated by non descendants of Fu Xi, including Ji Shuangsuang,[26] Davi Naka[24] and the Black Knight.[1] The Sword is also capable of sharing its memories, most commonly by stabbing its user (which leaves them physically unharmed)[26] or through other means like magic.

Despite being forged to destroy Chiyou, the Sword's status is important to keeping him sealed away. After the Sword was removed from the Tomb holding his skull, the seals containing Chiyou weakened and allowed some of his demon minions to be released into the world.[2] When the Sword shattered, the seals weakened even further and allowed more demons to escape.[15]

When unactivated, the Sword has been noted for being unbreakable and unmeltable by Orgarb, a skilled dwarven master smith of Nidavellir.[26] However, the Sword managed to be shattered from a bite from a demonic Kumiho, despite being activated and wielded by Lie. When asked how this was possible, the Kumiho claimed it was because the Sword viewed him as weak.[15]

Despite the Sword being shattered, its broken shards can still project its mystical green flames, with Lin Lie making use of the shards embedded in his hands to enhance his punches and infuse weapons with the Sword's energy. However, the shards' energy in his hands interferes with the flow of his chi, preventing him from summoning the Iron Fist consistently.[27]

When White Fox stabbed herself with one of the Sword's broken Shards, she gained several mystical enhancements, including additional strength, speed, stamina and resistance to paper talismans that were previously fatal to her.[16]

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