The sword of Fu Xi was found in the Qianfengou, the Valley of a Thousand Tombs by an professor and archaeologist, floating into a serpent-shaped red fog that emerged from a chamber grave robbers (including Hou Lao Er) opened (despite the Professor's and his guide's attempts to stop them, on archaeological preservation motives).

The professor brought it to Lin Lie, just before he disappeared.

As he tried to figure out his father's disappearance, Lin was driving himself crazy, and had nightmares, where he wielded the sword facing while Chiyou, the God of War, five thousand years, as the god was tearing apart the legions of Emperor Huang in the field of Zhuolu, until he froze before the god, saved by the sacrifice of his father.[1]

Lin slashed his shoulder on it while ducking an attack from a demon. Instants later, the sword started flying through the air, maiming the assailant, but also preventing Lin from fleeing the place, until the arrival of Ji Shuangshuang.[2]

After the War of the Realms, Lin Lie found himself in New York City, still on the trail of his father, using the sword to threaten his contacts, until Shang-Chi stopped him, who intended to help him, by first by training Lin to swordsmanship,[3] and bringing him to live at his place.

At his turn, Shang-Chi had a nightmare where he warned Lin Lie of demons wishing to take the sword, but Lin Lie held it confidently and stabbed him. Awakening, Chang-Chi intended to get rid of the sword, considering it was too dangerous and could fell into the wrong person's hands, but Lin aggressively protested, the sword being the only link to his missing father. The two soon fled the flat, but were surrounded by undead giant warriors led by Ares, God of War, who manage to take the sword.[4]

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