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Quote1.png A sword versus high caliber firepower. It really shouldn't be a contest, should it? Quote2.png


Jacques Duquesne

Jacques Duquesne's sword was outfitted with Makluan technology to have several embedded attacks activated by buttons on its hilt. These included gas, flame, an electric beam, a force beam, and a disintegration beam.

Philip Javert

Philip Javert's sword appeared to have the same functions as Jacques Duquesne's sword.

Katherine Bishop

Katherine Bishop utilized Jacques Duquesne's sword, whilst at the Avengers Mansion before returning it to Captain America,[1] and soon replaced it with one of her own design (Hawkeye's Sword).

Andreas von Strucker

Andreas von Strucker's sword can be used as a grapnel via a cable attaching the hilt and sword. Furthermore Andreas has a strip of his sister's skin as the strap for the sword's handle, to allow him to utilize his Plasma Blast Generation powers.

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