An inheritor of the mantle of Swordsman, this man kept a low profile in Atlanta, Georgia. When Steve Rogers happaned to visit the small nearby town of Sauga River, while on a road trip, Swordsman mistakenly believed he was looking for him.

Swordsman seized control of the Sauga River Dam and challenged Captain America, while announcing he was going to open the floodgate in twenty minutes. Captain America rushed to the dam and confronted the villain. Their fight took them to the top of the dam, and once the twenty minutes passed, the floodgate opened automatically since Swordsman had previously preprogrammed instructions into the dam's systems. Captain America swiftly knocked out Swordsman, and proceeded to use the manual override on the floodgate, sparing the town from any major water damage. Rogers then had one of the dam's operators phone the police to arrest Swordsman.[1]


Vibranium Alloy Sword: Capable of absorbing shocks, virtually indestructible.[1]

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