Sy-Torak Gem

The Sy-Torak Gem is a sacred artifact better known as a Lifestone. It was previously in the possession of the Kree Empire though Kl'rt the Super Skrull claimed it rightfully belonged to the Skrull Empire.[2]

Years ago, Jazinda was recruited for a mission to retrieve the gem. However, she was ambushed by Kree soldiers and in a moment of desperation swallowed the gem to prevent the Kree from regaining it. The gem then bonded permanently with her granting for the ability to resurrect after any death. For failing her mission, Jazinda was disowned and shamed by her native people and family.[2]

Seetorak Gem

Years ago a shard of a larger gem landed in Timbuktu, and was found by an elderly sage. When she touched the gem, it told her its name: "Seetorak". The gem was later given to Manfred Haller to transform him into Behemoth.[1]


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