Real Name
Syzandias (grandfather)
Base of Operations
Mobile in Atlantis and Atlantic Ocean
Living Status
Sorceress, adventurer


Unusual Skin Color
Unusual Features
Facial markings, tattoos or natural; tentacles for legs as a member of the Black Tide.
Atlantean sorceress fused with a giant squid by eldritch magic
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Sycorax was an Imperial Atlantean, the granddaughter of Syzandias, Atlantis' court wizard in the 1930's, and was herself an allegedly extremely powerful sorceress.

She was part of the Swift Tide, an all-female quintet of warriors fighting on behalf of all sea peoples that lived in peace, under the leadership of Kharsa, captain of the group and daughter of Khasran.

On three occasion, the Swift Tide (and at least Kharsa and Sycorax, but not Garanna) stopped assassins at the gates.

As Prince Namor and Lady Dorma visited the Chasm People at their seasonal home at the Orreki Reefs, well north of the then Antarctic capital, as part of negotiations aiming to have them join the Imperial realms of Atlantis, they met with the Swift Tide who went to Attukar, king of the Chasm People, to inform him they had located the Unforgotten Stone, an evil relic from the ancient times before Atlantis. The Swift Tide were acclaimed during the festivities held during the negotiations. The scene was attacked by Chasm People rebels refusing assimilation, but they were quickly defeated by the Swift Tide, Namor, Dorma and others. Retreating, the rebels were chased by the Swift Tide.

Tasked with reclaiming the Unforgotten Stone, the Tide were joined in their mission by Namor, Attakur's son Attuma, and Dorma.[1] Going northwards, stopping at villages to tell their stories, and saving helpless villagers from the occasional bandits. Defeating and pursuing them, the Swift Tide was confronted to an eldritch horror that the bandits fed and thought to master it. Sycorax freed her allies from the horror's mental hold, and Kharsa swiftly destroyed it.

When the Unforgotten Stone was activated by Soviet scientists, the Swift Tide were engulfed by its eldritch power; Sycorax using her magic to push Namor, Dorma, and Attuma to safety.[2] Along with the other members of the Swift Tide, she was corrupted by the Unforgotten Stone and merged with her mount, a giant squid - replacing her legs with tentacles. Sycorax convinced Kharsa not to eat Namor, Dorma, and Attuma - sensing they too had been affected by the Unforgotten Stone's power - and accompanied the newly renamed Black Tide in slaughtering the Chasm People and Atlantean delegates at the Orreki Reefs, among them King Attukar and her own grandfather.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Sycorax was seemingly a powerful magician, and could strike targets "like morays".[1] She was powerful enough to distract an eldritch horror.[2]



Light armor (gorget, pauldrons, bracers)[1]


Sycorax's personal mount as a member of the Swift Tide was a giant squid,[1] which she was merged with by the Unforgotten Stone.[3]

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