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Syd Shores

Syd Shores

Real Name
Sydney Shores
Syd Shores

Marvel Comics; Harry "A" Chesler; Timely Comics

Penciler Inker Colourist Cover Artist


Date of Birth
Date of Death

September 4, 1913
June 3, 1973

Personal History

Sydney Shores was a graduate from Brooklyn's Pratt Institute, where he had met his wife-to-be, Selma, who was a cousin of early comic book artist, Harry "A" Chesler.

Professional History

Shores worked at Timely Comics as a penciler, inker and colourist during the Golden-Age of comics. Initially working as an inker, Shores later began embellishing some of the earliest pencil work of industry legend Jack Kirby.

For a short time, Shores was induced into the service during World War II. After his military discharge in January 1946, Shores returned to Timely as art director.

Work History

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