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Quote1.png The universe wants to break free, so it manifests chaos. Like me being born the Goddess of Mischief. And as soon as that created a big enough detour from the Sacred Timeline, the TVA showed up, erased my reality, and took me prisoner. I was just a child. Quote2.png
Sylvie Laufeydottir[src]

A daughter of the Frost Giant King Laufey adopted by Asgardians, unlike most other versions of Loki, Sylvie was born as a woman. At some point, she caused her reality to deviate from the "Sacred Timeline". For this, she was arrested by Time Variance Authority.[2]


Hunter A-23 and her Minutemen walked into Sylvie's room on Asgard as she was playing with her toys and took her away, setting a Reset Charge to prune her entire timeline afterwards.[2]

Sylvie Laufeydottir (Earth-TRN866) from Loki (TV series) Season 1 2 001.jpg

Sylvie was brought inside the TVA Headquarters and processed like the other Variants, but when she was brought before a judge for her case to be heard, she stole Hunter A-23's TemPad and used it to run away. Figuring out that she could hide in apocalypses where any deviations made by her would go unnoticed by the TVA, Sylvie spend her entire life running from and hating the TVA, determined to bring it down.[2] She eventually hatched a plan in which she would cause minor temporal anomalies for the TVA to check upon, then ambush them and steal their equipment using the enchantment magic that she had taught herself.[1] However, when the plan reached completion and a multitude of Reset Charges were set all over the timeline to provide Sylvie a distraction necessary to reach the Time-Keepers within the TVA, another Loki Variant intervened. He followed Sylvie inside the TVA, attempted to stop her and when the two were spotted by Judge Ravonna Renslayer, used Sylvie's TemPad to trap them inside the apocalypse on Lamentis-1. The TemPad was initially out of power and then broken, so the two Variants had to work together to leave the doomed moon, to no avail.[5] However, their growing feelings for one another caused a massive Nexus event, enabling the TVA to locate and apprehend them.[2]

Sylvie Laufeydottir (Earth-TRN866) from Loki (TV series) Season 1 3 001.jpg

Inside the TVA, Sylvie's unique knowledge of its staff being mind-wiped Variants began to spread, with first Hunter C-20, then Hunter B-15 and eventually Agent Mobius all revealed to their true nature and turning against the TVA. When Renslayer brought the two Variants before the Time-Keepers to be pruned, Hunter B-15 intervened and helped the Loki Variants break free. Sylvie decapitated one of the Time-Keepers, revealing that they were in fact mere animatronics, shocking everyone present. Ravonna managed to prune the Loki Variant, but was overpowered by Sylvie who took Ravonna captive.[2]

Sylvie Laufeydottir (Earth-TRN866) from Loki (TV series) Season 1 4 001.jpg

Stalling for time, Ravonna revealed that pruned matter was not destroyed instantly, but rather transported into the Void at the end of time which meant that the Loki Variant was still alive. When the Minutemen arrived and the deception became apparent, Sylvie took Ravonna's TemPad and baton and pruned herself to follow him. Confronted by Alioth, she managed to escape with the help of Mobius, likewise pruned on Renslayer's orders, and eventually reunited with the other Loki and even more versions of themselves. Classic Loki sacrificed himself to distract Alioth, enabling Sylvie and Loki to enchant it and open the pathway to the Citadel at the End of Time.[6]

There, Loki and Sylvie were met by Miss Minutes who gave them one last offer from He Who Remains to be reinserted into their preferred timeline should they agree to stop pursuing the truth behind the TVA. Both Lokis rejected the offer and were met by He Who Remains, who explain the origins of himself and the TVA and presented them a choice: to take over the TVA and continue his mission in a more benevolent way or to kill him and let the branching timelines plunge the Multiverse into a new chaos. Loki was being cautious and wanted to at least think it through, but Sylvie was determined to have her revenge. After a brief fight, she pushed Loki out back into the timestream and killed He Who Remains by stabbing him through a chest. However, her revenge did not bring her closure and Sylvie broke down crying.[4]



Sorcery: Sylvie has the potential to be a great sorceress, since being captured by TVA as a kid, Sylvie did not have he same sorcery education as her variant Loki Laufeyson, but was still able to demonstrate some magical feats (like enchantment, telepathy, telekinesis, mind and body possession, mystical energy manipulation and more) that she learned alone and learned together from her variant:

  • Enchantment Spell: Sylvie shows to be a expert in enchantments skills, able to easily access the mind of the others and manipulate their memories and behavior.
    • Mind Control: Sylvie is capable of controlling the minds of the others and make them obey her wills. Sylvie with help of Loki was capable to enchant and manipulate Alioth.
    • Body Possession: Sylvie can possesses the body of the others and use it as her own, she is able to talk, act and fight through this possessed body, and switch the bodies through physical touch.
    • Memory Access: Sylvie penetrates the mind of the others and use their memories in the enchantment process, creating illusions inside the memories, luring her victim and making it more susceptible to the manipulation effects of the enchantment, as she did with Hunter C-20 and Hunter B-15 to tell her the location of the elevators inside TVA.
    • Memory Unlocking Sylvie can use her access to the memory to also unlock blocked memories, as she did with Hunter B-15, allowing her to see her past life before being captured by TVA and made part of the Minutemen.
  • Mystical Energy Manipulation: Sylvie shown some feats in mystical energy manipulation, for offensive intentions as mystical blasts and projections.
    • Mystical Energy Bolts: Sylvie is capable to project energy bolts to attack her targets.
    • Mystical Energy Blasts: Sylvie is capable to focus her mystical energy and explode it after shouting her rage out.
    • Illusion Projection: Sylvie was able to replicates Loki's phrases multiple times, resonating through the hallways.
    • Telekinesis: Sylvie is capable to manipulate and lift inanimate objects.


  • Expert Combatent: Sylvie shown to be capable of many feats in hand-to-hand combat, being able of fighting a lot of enemies at the same time, even improvising her moves even with her tiara.
  • Sword Master: Sylvie owns a sword and she uses it as her main weapon while fighting with someone.


Enchantment Immunity: Sylvie Enchantment Spell doesn't work at her variants or in other people with strong mental shields that resists to enchantments or any kind of telepathic intrusion.



  • TemPad: Sylvie uses a TemPad to navigate through timelines, dodging capture by the TVA.
  • Reset Charge: Sylvie used a large amount of Reset Charges in Haven Hills' Roxxcart Mall to create a multitude of Nexus Events as distraction.


  • Sword: Sylvie owns a sword and she uses it as her main weapon while fighting with someone. It is unknown where Sylvie got this sword, and which material composes it.


  • TemPad: Sylvie uses a TemPad to navigate through timelines, dodging capture by the TVA.


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