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Overreach Committee

Following the Symbiote Hive's attempted conquest of Earth, the United States Army's Overreach Committee scientist Dr. Yao developed a serum to suppress symbiotes by inhibiting their hosts' dopamine levels.[1]

When Eddie Brock was arrested and stood trial for his crimes as Venom, the Venom symbiote was dosed with this serum, preventing Eddie from turning into Venom.[4] When Cletus Kasady was brought in to testify, he too was dosed with the dopamine inhibitor to keep the Carnage symbiote under control. However, a vehement argument between Eddie and Cletus exposed a flaw in the serum: that elevated adrenaline levels counteracted its effects, which enabled the Venom and Carnage symbiotes to overcome it.[1] After Venom subdued Carnage with a spare sample of the inhibitor, the charges against him were dropped in exchange for him becoming a black-ops government agent.[5]

Dark Avengers

In order to curb Mac Gargan's cannibalistic tendencies and grant him increased control of the Venom symbiote, Norman Osborn developed a chemical compound designed to suppress the symbiote - causing it to go from a monstrous form to one identical to how it had looked when bonded to Spider-Man.[6] However, the formula had mixed success as the symbiote's predatory appetite was not suppressed,[7] and Gargan began suffering from episodes of severe personality alterations wherein he became meek and timid.[8][9]

Project Rebirth 2.0

When the US Army once again attempted to weaponize the Venom symbiote as part of Project Rebirth 2.0 - a continuation of the earlier Sym-Soldier Program - they developed their own Symbiote Inhibitor compound intended to render the Venom symbiote chemically-lobotomized and subservient to its host.[10] However, this version of the Inhibitor was flawed, as the symbiote could overcome it by feeding off its host's rage.[11] After Project Rebirth 2.0 was shut down, this version of the serum was appropriated by other government agencies like the F.B.I. and Weapon V.[12][13]

When Flash Thompson stole the Venom symbiote and went AWOL, he took several doses of the serum to keep it under control and turned them over to Dr. Hank McCoy upon joining the Secret Avengers. Dr. McCoy and Dr. Henry Pym were able to improve upon the Project Rebirth 2.0 formula, reducing the chances of the symbiote's consciousness resurfacing;[2] though it was still able to subconsciously influence him into not dosing himself and the demon indwelling Flash enabled the symbiote to occasionally circumvent the inhibitor.[14][15][16]

Prolonged use of this formula had an adverse effect on Flash's biochemistry, making him so dependant on being bonded to the symbiote for survival that he would die within a few hours if separated from it.[17] After the Venom symbiote was cleansed of its bloodlust and his damaged biochemistry was repaired by the Agents of the Cosmos,[18] Flash stopped using the symbiote inhibitor to suppress it.

Anti-Symbiote Task-Force

After being captured by the F.B.I.'s Anti-Symbiote Task Force, Eddie Brock was fitted with a device that continually dosed him with symbiote inhibitor to suppress the Toxin symbiote.[3] His handler, Agent Claire Dixon, possessed a remote that could release an antidote to "activate" the symbiote, though due to her distrust towards Eddie she swore to only do so as a last resort.[19]

Having his body supersaturated with the symbiote inhibitor serum also had an adverse effect on Eddie's biochemistry, making his body inhospitable to symbiotes and causing the Venom symbiote to suffer from toxic shock syndrome - physically losing cohesion and psychologically relapsing into its bloodthirsty corrupted state. The head of Alchemax's astrobiology department, Doctor Steven, developed a serum to counteract the symbiote inhibitor's effects;[20] though the symbiote eventually developed a resistance to it and its bloodlust worsened until it was cleansed and Eddie's damaged biochemistry repaired by an Astrobiological Serum derived from the Anti-Venom symbiote.[21]

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