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The Symbiote Slayers are a race of alien parasitic technological life forms. Four contained specimens were mysteriously found by Vector, who used it to experiment on one man, causing him to mutate into a human-machine hybrid desperate for flesh.

Bonded to hosts

Venom managed to stop the subject from eating some people he kidnapped, and was forced to escape. Wandering the streets, he found himself against Toxin,[1] and barely escaped alive after a fight. The same night, the subject was found by Venom once more after he attacked a pet store and devoured some animals. Venom managed to neutralize him, hoping a cure could be found with the help of Beast, but Toxin abruptly appeared.[2]

The subject escaped and tried to kill Toxin, but was killed by him. The four parasites attached to him broke free and started spawning in different beggars they found.[3] The new hosts tracked down Venom to the high school he now worked in, but with the help of Toxin, Venom killed them all. A surviving Symbiote Slayer was later seen wandering the streets.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Regeneration: The Symbiote Slayer can regenerate their host's missing limbs. However, the new limbs will be completely mechanical and the Symbiote Slayer can't save the host if the damage is too severe.

Adaptation Matrix and Lethality Equation: With these protocols activated, the Symbiote Slayers transform their hosts into weaponized cyborgs with a ravenous hunger for flesh, and adapt to combat any opponent.


  • During the planning phase of Venomverse, the Symbiote Slayers were going to be the antagonists of the book. The idea was discarded in favor of the creation of a new race of symbiote predators, the Poisons.[5]

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