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Quote1 Unfortunately for you, I am no lesser magician. I am the Sorcerer Supreme. But you may call me -- Baron Mordo. Quote2
Baron Mordo

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Synopsis for 1st story

In the Sanctum Sanctorum, Hobgoblin furiously demands to know where Spider-Man could have gone when Doctor Strange should be bereft of his power. When Hobgoblin grouses that he's used a tracking spell to find them to no avail, Wong snidely remarks that it's possible that the Hobgoblin underestimated Doctor Strange. Hobgoblin angrily turns Wong into a cymbal-playing toy monkey, but admits that it's a possibility before irritably stating that Spider-Man is hidden somewhere warded from detection.

As Doctor Strange's portal warps them to the mountains of Tibet, Spider-Man asks where they are. Doctor Strange welcomes him and Red Cat to Kamar-Taj, the secret temple where he learned the mystic arts. As Doctor Strange remarks that the area is mystically warded and that no-one will know they are there. A swarm of bats attacks them as a voice mockingly states that almost no-one knows where they are, Morbius the Living Vampire lunging at Spider-Man. Morbius asks if Spider-Man didn't have more arms when they last fought, Spider-Man mockingly firing back by saying last he checked Morbius was an antihero. Morbius snarls that he's after Spider-Man's blood, Spider-Man telling Red Cat to hit him with a gas grenade bomb. Disoriented, Morbius snarls that he can not just navigate the wind currents but control them at will, and that his prey won't escape him. As Spider-Man, Red Cat, and Doctor Strange race for the gates of Kamar-Taj, Morbius lunges after them but collides headfirst with a magical barrier. Furious, he shouts that Spider-Man can't hide in there forever but that he is immortal.

Inside the Kamar-Taj, Doctor Strange wryly remarks that Spider-Man has the most charming friends. Spider-Man quips that Morbius is no Dracula, then expresses surprise when Doctor Strange remarks that he's not only met but killed Dracula. Red Cat marvels at the interior of the Kamar-Taj, Doctor Strange informing her that it was the home of the Ancient One and that now it will serve as their home for the years it will take to train Spider-Man in magic. Horrified, Spider-Man snaps that he doesn't have years, but Doctor Strange says that time passes differently inside the Kamar-Taj - years inside being equivalent to days outside. As Spider-Man protests that that's impossible, Doctor Strange agrees that it's not and tells him to just get used to it.

That night, Morbius crouches outside the Kamar-Taj. Looking up, he sees Symbiote Spider-Man silently approaching on all fours - under the control of the symbiote posing as his black suit. Morbius assures Spider-Man that he won't take all his blood... or at least that he'll try to restrain his bloodlust. Morbius lunges, but Symbiote Spider-Man counters by firing a barrage of spikes from his arms. As Morbius howls in pain and shock, calling him a monster, Symbiote Spider-Man's fingers extend into long blade-like claws and he pounces. As Symbiote Spider-Man mauls Morbius, Doctor Strange teleports the living vampire to Antarctica before sternly remarking that Spider-Man isn't himself, telling him to speak up to prove him wrong. Symbiote Spider-Man stares at him silently, Doctor Strange grimly remarking that he thought as much before asking the symbiote if Spider-Man knows what it is, answering his own question by saying that it's obvious he doesn't. Grousing over the dilemma this presents, Doctor Strange remarks that he needs to teach Spider-Man magic so that they can survive, but that it could take him whenever it wanted. Doctor Strange begrudgingly offers the symbiote a deal: he will keep its secret in exchange for it keeping Spider-Man at the Kamar-Taj, adding that it will retain the knowledge for its own purposes. The symbiote tilts its head and stares at him, Doctor Strange adding that he won't be teaching Spider-Man any offensive spells - which would take too much time. Doctor Strange explains that Spider-Man will have to rely on his own offensive skills and webbing, and that it will take around a year - or around a week to the outside world.

A few weeks later, Doctor Octopus robs a bank, complaining that doing so is an insult to his superior intellect. As he continues to monologue, remarking that Spider-Man has been gone for a week, Spider-Man crashes through the bank's skylight. Incredulously stating that he thought that the Hobgoblin killed Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus lashes out with his tentacles and snarls that he'll have to do so himself. Spider-Man blocks the attack with the Shield of the Seraphim, but Doctor Octopus snares him with his other tentacles and asks if he has any last words. Spider-Man tells Doctor Octopus to look behind him, a second Spider-Man punching him in the face and revealing the first one to be an illusion created by the Images of Ikonn. As Spider-Man congratulates himself, Doctor Strange and Red Cat compliment him. Spider-Man says it's time to take the fight to Hobgoblin.

Later, Red Cat knocks on the door of the Sanctum Sanctorium, which opens. As Red Cat remarks that no-one's stopping them, which isn't a good sign. Doctor Strange asks where Wong is, remarking that something's not right and telling Red Widow to fall back. Spider-Man belays that order, saying that he's done waiting. As he and Red Cat charge into the Sanctum Sanctorium, Hobgoblin cackles that he's been searching for Spider-Man for weeks. Conjuring doppelgangers with the Images of Ikonn, Spider-Man surrounds Hobgoblin and lunges. Furious, Hobgoblin snarls that while he may not be the Sorcerer Supreme but that he knows magic when he sees it, remarking that he's surprised Spider-Man's learned some new tricks; the Spider-Men speaking in unison and saying that he's versatile.

The real Spider-Man and Red Cat race through to the Sanctum Sanctorium inner chamber in search of the Word of God. A bolt of magic blasts Spider-Man, who blocks it with the Shield of the Seraphim. As the ward shatters, a voice mockingly states that to a lesser mage that would have proven insurmountable but that he is no lesser magician. Baron Mordo - wearing the Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto - declares that he is the Sorcerer Supreme. Telling Red Cat to run for it, Spider-Man fires a webline at Mordo, who nonchalantly disperses it and mocks them. Red Cat fires a claw-shaped grapnel at Mordo, who deflects it and mocks her efforts. Doctor Strange arrives, demanding to know where the Word of God is. Mordo mockingly states that of course he's going to tell Doctor Strange where it's hidden so that he can undo everything, asking what Strange intends to do now that he's powerless. Doctor Strange promptly sprays Mordo in the face with mace and tries to retake the Eye of Agamotto. Snarling at Strange to stay out of his head, Mordo blasts him away. Strange grabs Spider-Man and conjures a portal, saying they need to leave quickly.

As they vanish, Baron Mordo rounds on Red Cat and yells at her for helping Spider-Man and Doctor Strange escape. Red Cat - who has been working for the villains all along - snaps back for him to untie her, angrily asking if she has to do everything.

Solicit Synopsis


• After reliving one of the most horrible moments of his life, Peter Parker turns to one of his oldest allies for a magical helping hand.

• Don’t miss the next history-shaking adventure of Peter David and Greg Land’s landmark SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN Series!

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