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Kang the Conqueror
I'm trying to save the universe!
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And why would you be trying to save the universe?
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Kang the Conqueror
Because I live within it, you idiot!
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Appearing in "The Sword and the Spirit - Part 3"

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  • Quinjet Wayfarer (First appearance)
  • Rakk 'N' Ruin II

Synopsis for "The Sword and the Spirit - Part 3"

Web-swinging through Manhattan, Spider-Man irritably thinks to himself that he should be having an easy day but that everything's going wrong. As he mentally recaps the situation to himself, he hears the rumble of rocket engines firing up coming from the Avengers Mansion and spots a prototype Quinjet in the process of taking off. Noting that it's capable of space-flight and has a FTL drive - having been built by Tony Stark to combat alien invasions - Spider-Man latches onto it with a web-line. Confused as to why the Avengers would be taking it for a joy-ride when Black Knight is in danger, he lands on the cockpit and is shocked to see Mister E at the controls. Mister E promptly dislodges him and takes off into space, leaving Spider-Man in free-fall until he's scooped up by a larger spaceship - the Rakk 'N' Ruin II.

Inside, Spider-Man regains consciousness to find Kang the Conqueror crouching over him. As Kang comments on his conspicuous costume change, Spider-Man attacks him - assuming he's behind Mister E and the eclipse. Spider-Man gets a few good hits in before Kang gets fed-up and immobilizes him, irritably snapping that for someone smart enough to make his own artificial webbing, Spider-Man is an idiot. Kang boasts that he's powerful enough to fight evenly with Thor, snapping that in any case he and Spider-Man are on the same side. As Spider-Man mockingly sneers at this, Rocket Raccoon storms into the room and snaps that they are. As Spider-Man is incredulous at the presence of a talking raccoon, Rocket asks if Kang is alright before irritably complaining about his verbose response - griping that humans probably came to be the dominant species on Earth by boring the others to death. Turning to Spider-Man, Rocket asks what his deal is, Spider-Man awkwardly introducing himself before asking why Rocket is working with a psychopath like Kang. Kang angrily snaps that he's trying to save the universe, shouting that he lives in it when Spider-Man questions why he would want to do that. As proof they're working together for the time being, Kang points to a medical pod containing the Black Knight, telling Spider-Man he was stabbed by his own sword and would have bled out if not for Rocket's technology.

Kang shows Spider-Man that he and Rocket have captured a Shadow Slave, asking if he knows what they are. Spider-Man says that he doesn't but that for reasons he doesn't understand their leader kept claiming he was one of them. Eyeing Spider-Man's black suit - actually a symbiote in disguise - Kang sarcastically comments he isn't surprised by Spider-Man's obliviousness. When Spider-Man asks what he means, Kang comments that he'll find out in due time. The Shadow Slave regains consciousness and snarls that it will kill them all, Kang confronting it and stating that he rigged the medical tube to separate it from its host and launch it into the Sun. The Shadow Slave calls his bluff, and Kang proceeds to strip it from its host and fire it into the sun as promised. Spider-Man berates Kang for killing it, Kang sneering that it was a parasite no more alive than his own shadow, an offshoot of the original entity. Seeing that the Shadow Slave's host is Monica Rambeau, Kang is dismayed. When Rocket asks who she is, Spider-Man tells him that she's Captain Marvel; Rocket retorting that Captain Marvel is a Kree man before being brought up-to-date by Spider-Man. Regaining consciousness, Captain Marvel greets Spider-Man - commenting on his new costume - before spotting Kang and turning invisible. Informing the others that she's gone infrared, Kang deflects Captain Marvel's attempt to attack him; Rocket asking why people always greet one another by attacking instead of just shaking hands.

Captain Marvel informs Spider-Man that the Shadow Slave had taken her over while she was having a nap and that while it was bonded to her she could see its thoughts - commenting that they're connected by a hive-mind. Spider-Man asks if they took the Ebony Blade, Captain Marvel verifying that they did - fearing it could destroy their master. As Kang remarks they need to get the Ebony Blade back, Captain Marvel angrily accuses him of wanting to use it for himself; Kang reiterating that for the time being they're on the same side since he wouldn't have anyone to rule over if everyone was killed. As Captain Marvel asks how the shadow entities intend to destroy the Ebony Blade, Spider-Man suggests the obvious answer of throwing it into a star. Regaining consciousness, the Black Knight remarks that wouldn't work - the Ebony Blade was forged by Merlin from the Starstone, and its magic could easily withstand the heat of the Sun. Captain Marvel remarks that Mister E is bringing the Ebony Blade to Knowhere - confusing Spider-Man until Rocket explains it's the severed head of a Celestial. Kang realizes he knows who Mister E is bringing the Ebony Blade to - a troll blacksmith named Ulicia, who had relocated to Knowhere from Nornheim due to her brother trying to kill her.

In Knowhere, Mister E approaches Ulica and verifies her identity, but before they can get down to business her forge begins shaking and dust rains from the ceiling. As Mister E asks what's happening, Ulica laments that her brother has finally found her as Ulik the Troll-King smashes through the roof of her forge.

Solicit Synopsis

Forces collide!

Take a trip with SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN as he aligns himself with…KANG THE CONQUEROR? That can’t be right.

Be here in January to see how the pieces fit as Spider-Man heads to space!

You’ll never guess who else is here to help Spidey! (Hint: She’s on the cover!)

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