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Quote1.png I was flown here by a talking raccoon and an Avengers villain... to a place where the head of security is a talking dog... and a troll brother is ritualistically hunting his sister! All to fight a villain who thinks he's my brother! Forget seriousness. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Sword and the Spirit - Part Five"

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  • Rakk 'N' Ruin II

Synopsis for "The Sword and the Spirit - Part Five"

Trapped in a display case in the Collector's showroom, Mister E begs Knull to restore his full power and give him another chance. Through the Symbiote Hive-Mind, Knull telepathically asks why he should trust Mister E not to fail him again, Mister E reminding the dark god of the threat posed to him by the Ebony Blade. Knull remarks that Mister E has caught him in a generous mood and agrees to restore the proto-symbiote's full power - enabling him to act without needing to take a host. The Collector turns just in time to see Mister E effortlessly smash through the display case, hellbent on revenge.

In a bar in Knowhere, Spider-Man retracts the symbiote disguised as his costume from his face and downs a mocktail, asking Uatu to run things by him again. Uatu explains that he needs the Ebony Blade to vanquish a dark godlike entity called Knull, but Spider-Man gets sidetracked asking him to sit down. Uatu remarks that in the right hands the Ebony Blade could potentially slay Knull, and Kang asks if Uatu intends to wield the cursed sword himself. Uatu replies that he is bound by his oath of non-interference, and Kang suggests finding a suitable wielder - Rocket Raccoon derisively asking if he means himself. Captain Marvel interjects saying the only one who should wield the Ebony Blade is the Black Knight - adding that she would never trust Kang with a universe-destroying weapon. Kang irritably retorts that he doesn't want to destroy the universe because he lives in it too, Rocket attempting to break up the argument before it devolves into a fight and telling them to stay calm. Downing another mocktail, Spider-Man says he's got staying calm covered - quipping that he could take Mister E on again without breaking a sweat.

As if on cue, Mister E smashes through a wall boasting that with his full power restored he is invincible. Calmly pouring himself another mocktail, Spider-Man wonders if there's a hallucinogenic ingredient in the drink before noting that at least he can rest easy knowing Kang didn't kill Mister E. Mister E snatches the Ebony Blade from Uatu, Spider-Man massaging his face and snarking that people who refer to themselves in the third person are nothing but trouble while doing so himself. Mister E sneers that Spider-Man doesn't understand the seriousness of the situation he's in, Spider-Man retorting that the situation he's in is anything but serious -- involving a talking raccoon, an Avengers villain, two trolls who are trying to kill each other, a space station that's a giant severed head where the head of security is a talking Russian dog, and a living shadow who thinks it's his brother. Spider-Man angrily punches Mister E in the face, sending him flying through a window, before noting in relief that he's still able to bypass Mister E's intangibility.

Mister E angrily declares his intent to destroy the galaxy, Spider-Man, Kang, Captain Marvel, Rocket, Ulicia, and Ulik exiting the bar to confront him; Spider-Man dubbing them the Guardians of the Galaxy, Monica telling him that name's already taken, and Rocket saying he likes the sound of that. Mister E phases through their attacks, sneering that now that his lord and master has restored his full power he's invincible, Spider-Man retorts that "Mister E" is still a stupid name. Ulicia and Ulik drunkenly refuse to fight alongside one another before bashing each other over the head with their hammers, knocking each other out. Spider-Man attempts to web-yank the Ebony Blade out of Mister E's hands, saying that while they not might be able to hurt him the Black Knight had been able to using it. Rocket and Captain Marvel blast Mister E to no effect, Mister E mockingly asking why Knull is concerned about them when they can't even harm him. Noticing Uatu slowly walking towards him, Mister E mockingly asks what the Watcher intends to do other than fulfill his oath to only observe while the universe rots around him. Face-to-face, Uatu and Mister E glare at each other before the Watcher blasts the proto-symbiote with a wave of psionic energy. Rocket catches the Ebony Blade and stabs Mister E through the chest with it. For a moment the heroes celebrate, thinking they've won, but Mister E laughs maniacally and proclaims that now that his full power is restored not even the Ebony Blade can harm him. Raising the Ebony Blade over his head, Mister E triumphantly declares his intent to use it to free Knull. Spider-Man asks if Knull is able to make a rock too heavy to lift himself, Mister E angrily snapping that Spider-Man will never learn or stop joking until he's dead. Knocking Spider-Man to the ground, Mister E raises the Ebony Blade to behead Spider-Man - saying he will pay for his transgressions against Knull. Captain Marvel catches the blade between her hands and disarms him, mocking his confusion as she impales him before channeling her light powers through the sword. Screaming in agony, Mister E protests that they can't do this before being obliterated.

Spider-Man high-fives Captain Marvel, Uatu saying their mission has only just begun and that he's going to take them into the future to take the fight to Knull directly, telepathically communicating with his future self to let him know they're coming. When Kang says he's glad to be of assistance, Uatu reminds the warlord he'd violently abducted him and tried to drain his mind - Uatu sheepishly saying it seemed like a good idea at the time. However, when Uatu attempts to warp them through time, nothing happens. Spider-Man expresses disappointment that there wasn't any cool special effects, and Captain Marvel asks if there's a problem. Uatu informs them that the Council of Watchers has blocked him from time-travelling, angrily calling them blind fools for valuing their oath of non-interference over the safety of the cosmos. Dismayed, Uatu says they can at least attend to the Sun before telling Rocket to ready his ship.

In space, Captain Marvel brandishes the Ebony Blade as she flies towards the patch of darkness covering the sun - saying that she hopes Knull feels this before plunging the Ebony Blade into the patch of darkness and destroying it. At the core of Klyntar, Knull lets out a scream of pain and briefly awakens, swearing revenge against those who would dare hurt him.

On Earth, Spider-Man remarks that it's good to see the Sun restored, Uatu agreeing. Spider-Man says that he's sorry Uatu's plan didn't work, Uatu hoping that their future selves can prevail against Knull. Spider-Man expresses the belief that they will before asking where everyone else is. Uatu says that the Black Knight is currently recovering from his injuries at the Avengers Mansion, Alistair Smythe and Ned Leeds have been returned to their proper places courtesy of Cosmo, and the others have had their memories wiped to preserve continuity. Spider-Man asks if that's really something Uatu can do before the Watcher vanishes, leaving Spider-Man wondering what he's doing standing on a rooftop.

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• The god-king of the symbiotes has made his presence known across space and time — will the assembled heroes of Marvel’s yesteryear be enough to stave off his suffocating darkness, or will every corner of the Marvel Universe fall to the KING IN BLACK?!

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