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Symbiote Spider-Man Vol 1 3
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Quote1 I know I shouldn't feel guilty. I'm just doing this to protect our relationship. I'm... I'm doing the right thing. So why do I feel like it's so wrong? Quote2
-- Black Cat

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Synopsis for 1st story

Wilson Fisk barges in on a coversation between Johnny Ohnn and Quentin Beck, demanding to know who Ohnn is talking to. Turning to see Beck's chair is empty, Ohnn sheepishly states he was talking to himself. Angered, Fisk grabs Ohnn by the neck and lifts him off the ground, ordering him to continue his research into Cloak's mysterious powers. Fisk drops Ohnn and departs, the scientist turning to see Beck back in his chair. As Beck remarks that Ohnn is ten times smarter than Fisk, Ohnn incredulously asks if Beck is a mutant. Beck assures him that his apparent superpowers are just tricks, then tells him about Spider-Man's mysterious black costume - actually an alien symbiote. As Beck wonders how they could get a sample, Ohnn proposes blackmailing Spider-Man's lover, Black Cat - who recently acquired luck manipulation powers from the Kingpin.

At a Broadway performance of Cats, Spider-Man and Electro duke it out on the stage. In the hall outside, a man is chastised by the usher for lighting a cigarette in a no-smoking zone; Spider-Man snatching his lighter as he runs out the door. As Electro blasts the door open and screams his name, Spider-Man sings a sinister version of his theme song threatening to eat Electro before adding that he's maybe joking. Setting off the sprinkler system, Spider-Man webs up Electro and leaves him for the police - the usher taking credit for the capture.

As Spider-Man perches on an apartment roof silently narrating, Black Cat appears and teasingly calls him out on his habit. Sitting beside him, Black Cat tells Spider-Man that he should tell his aunt about who he is. Incredulous, Spider-Man asks when Felicia met Aunt May, refusing to risk giving his beloved aunt a heart attack despite Felicia pointing out that his aunt's stronger than he gives her credit for. Breaking off the argument, Spider-Man angrily swings off; leaving Black Cat wondering out loud what she sees in him. As she enters her apartment, she's confronted by Mysterio - who interrupts her just as she's about to say Peter's name out loud. As Black Cat lunges, Mysterio vanishes and appears behind her with a garotte wire. Black Cat snaps it with her luck manipulation powers, Mysterio asking if Spider-Man knows about them - specifically, where she got them. Felicia snaps that she won't let him abduct her without a fight, Mysterio laughing before saying that he has a job for her. When Felicia asks what he wants her to steal, Mysterio says to bring him a piece of Spider-Man's black suit - threatening to reveal the secret of where she got her powers to Spider-Man if she refuses. Black Cat angrily kicks Mysterio in the crotch, catching him off guard, but as he vanishes she calls out to him and accepts the job; Mysterio leaving a laser scalpel in her hand.

Web-swinging through the city, Spider-Man wonders what Mysterio is up to, his spider-sense going off as he returns to his apartment. As he looks around, Felicia calls out to him, wearing a bathrobe. As he incredulously asks what she's doing, she disrobes to reveal she's wearing lingerie and coyly asks if he's going to keep her waiting. Later, Felicia notes that she'll have to act quickly since her knock-out drug-laced lipstick isn't very effective on Peter. grabbing the black suit and telling it not to slither off on her, she cuts off one of its fingertips and puts it into a container. As she wonders what Spider-Man will say about a piece of his suit missing, she notices the black suit has already repaired itself. Pulling on her costume, Black Cat leaves despite feeling guilty about what she's doing - attempting to assuage herself by saying it's necessary to protect her relationship with Spider-Man. The black suit oozes from its chair and glares out the window as she swings away. Latching onto the sleeping Peter, the symbiote covers his body and prepares to follow after her.

Sitting on a bus, a man in a green suit listens to a young man explain why he ran away from home. As the young man apologizes, the man in the green suit says that everyone needs a fresh start and that he himself came to New York to find something amazing, disembarking the bus just as Symbiote Spider-Man web-swings overhead.

Solicit Synopsis

• From comic titans, Peter David and Greg Land, comes the third installment of an all-new Spider-Man tale set during the original ALIEN COSTUME SAGA!

• After glimpsing the strange abilities of Spider-Man’s bizarre black suit, Mysterio is determined to uncover the secrets of the enigmatic ensemble — secrets Peter Parker hasn’t even realized!

• Uncovering a shameful secret from Black Cat’s past, Mysterio may have found the blackmail necessary to get close to the suit, and in doing so will set Felicia down a path where any misstep could result in her losing Peter forever!

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