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Symbiote Warriors
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Las Vegas
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Four clones of X-23 bonded with symbiotes
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Clones created from a blood sample stolen from X-23 and bonded to symbiotes to be be the guardians of Blackheart
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From a blood sample of X-23 and a sample of the Toxin symbiote, the demonic son of Mephisto, Blackheart made a group of "Symbiote warriors" that would help him to achieve his goal of bringing Hell to Earth.

X-23 was tracking her stolen blood and found four tanks with clones of her in each one. As she was setting up the C-4 bombs, she began to consider that the clones have as much right to live as she does and it could have been her in one of the tanks. Before the bombs were set, the Symbiotes became aware of her presence, and the clones broke free. After seeing the clones were bonded to Symbiotes, their purpose as living weapons became clear, leaving X-23 with no choice but to kill them. X-23 was shown to have killed one of them and the other three were seen next to Blackheart while he was watching as the Antitheses were handling their counterparts.[1]

When X-23 tried to get to Blackheart, he ordered the three Symbiote Warriors left to kill her, but she killed them first.[2]


  • Though the clones would have inherited X-23's healing factor, healing factors do not work in Hell, making them easier to kill than they might have otherwise been.
  • The source of their symbiotes is not directly stated, but they are implied to have been somehow derived from Toxin as this was the only symbiote in Blackheart's possession.

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