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The Syndicate was formed by the Beetle as an enterprise to bridge the gap of male-female disparity in the sphere of organized crime. Its main purpose was to support women in their efforts to commit crime, with the inclusion of mentorship programs and salons. Their base included open-plan workrooms for plotting and scheming, a state-of-the-art on-site childcare facility, and a shared kitchen. In their beginning, the Syndicate focused on going after offenders they'd found especially egregious.[2]

After rescuing Electro from police custody,[3] the Beetle introduced her to the team's ethos and invited her to join. She refused until Beetle shared with her the identity of their first target, Boomerang, who had previously betrayed Electro.[2] The Syndicate attacked the F.E.A.S.T. Center and managed to capture him despite Spider-Man's intervention.[4] Behind her teammates' back, the Beetle made a deal with the Kingpin to have him besiege the Syndicate's base and take Boomerang in exchange for deputizing the Syndicate. All of Beetles' partners were disgruntled with both her actions and her proposal to work legitimately, but they agreed to help Boomerang evade capture after he disclosed with the Syndicate the secret reason Kingpin was after after him. The Syndicate fended off Kingpin's forces while Spider-Man escaped with Boomerange, and all members save for Beetle were arrested afterwards. As they were being taken away, Beetle broke them out of the police transport.[5]

Later, the Syndicate was contracted by Ultimatum to kill the Prowler. Scorpia, White Rabbit, and Trapstr ambushed the Prowler and the young Spider-Man on the streets of Brooklyn. Morales quickly knocked White Rabbit unconscious, but the Prowler suggested that he and Morales should retreat, as they were outmatched. Trapstr tracked the pair down and, along with Scorpia, nearly killed the Prowler, but both women were shot with tranquilizer darts from Starling.[6]

The sentient app Metamind used the Syndicate to help build a transmitter to send messages to similar life forms would understand. When the Fantastic Four arrived and recognized Electro, the Syndicate attacked only to be soundly beaten.[7]


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