The Synoptic managed to contact Venom and Carnage somehow from the other side of the Sun calling them to come help it in it's conquering plan of Counter-Earth. That is why they have hijacked Colonel John Jameson's spaceship to the planet, almost disrupted by Spider-Man. Apparently under the Synoptic's guide Venom & Carnage learned their shape shifting abilities (into liquid, etc.) as Spidey referred to that as "new powers" next to their "new vocabulary" referring to the Synoptic.[1]

Since their arrival to the planet, the Symbiotes acted as double agents for six months, pretending to work as loyal subordinates of the High Evolutionary and the Knights of Wundagore while they're actually collecting organic beings under the radar for the Synoptic. Unlike Carnage who thought the High Evolutionary wants them to capture a local version of Spidey and mockingly dismissed their mission's importance, Venom showed signs of concern when the High Evolutionary asked he & Carnage to go find Spider-Man as he thought the original Earth Spidey will be the only one who can stop their Synoptic plan and encouraged his partner to go & check it out with their Beastial possessed army which was defeated alongside them by the Human Rebels and the new suit of Spider-Man that is equipped with Sonic waves weapon in the Rebels' Original HQ.[2]

The Synoptic gained control over the Humans and the Beastials it managed to kidnap from the surface of the planet, before Spider-Man and the Green Goblin discovered it's plan and interfered for the sake of Naoko Yamada-Jones who was kidnapped shortly before by the order of Venom & Carnage.[3] Venom explains later that the Synoptic made it way to Counter-Earth in Meteorite's meteorites millions of years ago at the time of the Dinosaurs and gained control all over the planet before an earthquake brought it to the bottom of the surface where it laid in a dying biomass form waiting for other Symbiotes to come and help it out (Carnage referred to them as the Synoptic's "saviors").[4]

After rescuing the Beastials, humans, and Naoko that were trapped in the sewers with Venom and Carnage[4], the Synoptic revival project was halted while Venom and Carnage continued to gather materials such as the Mutagen Z-99 Atomic Bomb Git Hoskins stole earlier from Sir Ram's labs[5] and extremely large biological containers,[6] for it's next move.

The Synoptic is shown to be growing in numbers in younger plant forms supervised by Carnage in a hive Venom and he constructed in an abandoned building somewhere across New York City. [7] In the last episode Eddie Brock informed Spidey that after Venom was re-created by the end of the 11th episode, the Synoptic created a backup plan ensuring taking over all life forms on the planet by shooting millions of spores into the Counter-Earth's skydome even if Brock and his Symbiote will be separated again.[8]


Mind controlling over organic creatures.


The Synoptic has the ability of controlling creatures it comes in touch with.[4]

Strength level

The Biomass form of the Synoptic can cause havoc to underground structures.

  • In it's mature/adult form the Synoptic looks like a parasite rather than the common liquid like being the Symbiotes looks like.

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