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The young boy known as Syphon was "rescued" by agents of the R.C.X. when he was younger and brought to their facility to be raised. It is unknown if Syphon was in the group of Warpies that was brought to Braddock Manor in the middle of the night by Agent Michael, Agent Gabriel and the others, but he is in the age range that most likely did live there for a short time.

Syphon was assigned as an escort to Nightcrawler while Excalibur was being held at Cloud Nine by Peter. He prevent Nightcrawler from using his powers, Syphon grew to like and respect the older man even thought they had just met.

Later when the battle broke out between Excalibur and the R.C.X., Syphon stood with Agent Luke and the other Warpie elite teams until they were frightened by Kylun's ability to replicate sounds. He was almost beaten by Luke for attempting to leave, until Nightcrawler rescued him and told him to run away with the other Warpie children.

In the corridors the children ran into Wire and Prune and told them about the fight, who then gathered some other Warpies and came to help the super-heroes.[citation needed]

It is unknown if Syphon lost his powers when the other Warpies lost theirs on Otherworld.

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Powers and Abilities


Currently none, all of the Warpies were depowered by Captain Britain on Otherworld using the Sword of Might. [1]


Syphon is a young boy who is easily frightened by loud sounds.

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