Sysop was a member of the Programmers, a peaceful cast of the Stark species, an extraterrestrial race who found the Iron Man armors after they were launched into space, who adopted and adapted the technology and worshipped Tony Stark as their god. Sysop attracted Tony Stark into the 28th Century and begged for Tony's help in bringing peace to his people, who were overcome by violence and famine. Tony stayed with them for some time, trying to solve their problems and wondering what caused the catastrophe that led him to fire his armor off to the Stark world, but when violent Stark barbarians found the Programmers' bunker, Sysop arranged to send him home, lest his presence lead to temporal disruptions. As Tony was being sent home, barbarians burst in and threatened to kill him; Sysop destroyed them all to ensure that Tony returned home safely.[1]

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